Simplest MODERN design?

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I don't have a vast experience of too many designs. My P11 seems no more complex than a pair of pliers, compared to some pistols. I've found the Ruger Mk III to be ingeniously simple. I'm cutting more teeth now on the BLR, but it doesn't look to be as primitive. 1911s and ARs are also quite plain to me.
"Simplest what? Repeating handgun? Automatic rifle? Revolver? Single-shot gun?"

Well, that's part of the question... including parts count.

Even the 1911 has exactly 60 individual parts in it including the staked-In parts like the ejector and the front sight, and the four grip screw studs which are not easily removable without a smith's properly-ground screwdriver.

Sounds like a lot, but the thing can be taken down to just about every single moving part (except the mainspring housing) using no tools but a cartridge rim and the hammer strut in the field.

Now that's simple, from one point of view --as opposed to the "one chunk of metal" the OP mentioned.

So, in this case, "stripping" means pretty much stark nekkid, whereas with some guns you can't get into the firing guts in the field and with some you do need tools like a hex wrench and the like.

So it's all part of the discussion, to my mind.

Terry, 230RN

ETA: That 60 parts included the mag, mag floor plate, spring and follower.
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Gots to be a break-open shotgun, be it a single-shot, side by side double, or over & under double.

When completely field stripped, you have three parts.
Buttstock/receiver, barrel or barrels, and forearm.

Unless it is any number of .22 single-shot bolt actions.
Field stripped, you have only two parts, the gun, and the bolt.

CoRoMo said:
My P11 seems no more complex than a pair of pliers, compared to some pistols.

This. I count 32 parts in my P32 including the pinned-in parts and the pins. I recon it could be 35 if you took the magazine apart. Field strips down to the slide, barrel, recoil spring captured on the guide rod, frame and the pin that holds it all together. That might be "too many parts" but it's so simple even I understand it! (and that's saying something)
never stripped down a NEF single shot action, nor a simple falling block like a Favorite 22 rifle, but if talking how many parts there are (including the parts that go into the bolts on a bolt action rifle, not just taking apart a few parts for routine cleaning), I would think those strong contenders for simplicity

but for routine "breakdown" to just routine clean after a range day, just how does it get any simpler than breaking open the action of an NEF single or pulling the bolt out of any bolt action rifle (notably a single shot boltie, like a Chipmunk) ?
A slambang should be the simplest.

Barrel, receiver tube, firing pin. Maybe a stock if it's a fancy one.

The Richardson Guerrilla Gun is a fancy one.

pretty much bottoms out at 5

Colt 1903 .32 (type III that is)make a pile of parts consisting of

1. barrel
2. slide
3 a spring
4 a guide rod
5. rest of the gun.
6 (type I and II have a barrel bushing):)

a TT-33/chicom 54 is similar with addition of barrel bushing and hammer group

an M-1 carbine makes a pile of parts on the same scale unless your detail strip the receiver.:what:
You are forgetting the Hi-point c9. There is no way to field strip it, hence 1 piece, other than the mag.
Hi Point actually doesn't recommend ever taking it apart, just spraying it like crazy with your choice of canned lubricant to get the junk out of it.

As for the simplest modern manufactured weapons, here are a few:

Springfield XDM
Glock (any model)
Kel Tec P11

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that since SKS rifles aren't being imported that a US company should start producing SKS clones at some point?
Handgun - Glock is stupid easy to take down. Remove 3 pins and your done. For the slide you just remove the back plate and everything slides out.

Rifle - AK 47 is built on simplicity in design and function. My arsenal sgl-21 is a breeze. Just remove the dust cover pull the spring out remove the bolt carrier from receiver, slide out bolt, remove gas tube and your ready to clean. To completely strip it you need to remove 3 pins but the PITA is the shepherd's crook. That thing can take a while sometimes. IMO, ar's are just as easy but you can run an ak dry without any problems.

Shotgun- only had experience with rem 870 and moss but around the same amount of work as a ak

Useful media can be found on Just type in what gun you want to see stripped. For example "glock 21 field strip"
A slambang should be the simplest.

Barrel, receiver tube, firing pin. Maybe a stock if it's a fancy one.

The Richardson Guerrilla Gun is a fancy one.

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