Slide wont lock back ONLY when shooting two handed.

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Jul 30, 2014
I finally got a chance to shoot my new Beretta 92FS yesterday and with all 3 mags the slide did not lock back. I tried each mag about 10 times to no avail.

What I found interesting is this was with a firm, two handed grip. When I shot one handed it ALWAYS locked back.

This is very much so the opposite of my experiences and therefore has me confused. It is confusing because it is likely not weak springs as one, it occurs only with a strong grip AND also they are brand new magazines.

Any suggestions
umm your strong two handed grip is blocking the upward motion of your slide lock?

Once had an officer convinced his 1911A1 was "broken" because it locked back every other shot . In his case his brand of two handed hold (once called the tea cup hold and long ago discredited) pushed the slide lock up and so it functioned.

I have seen folks shoot dry to closed slide in stressed out man on man matches using thumb over thumb two handed hold by holding the slide lock down unintentionally so no slide lock back and click on an empty chamber.

Just something to check. Keep them thumbs away from that slide stop.

I don't know about you, but when I shoot two-handed, my strong side thumb points straight down range. When I shoot one-handed my thumb points downward a bit as this affords a stronger grip.

It is not uncommon for right-handed shooters to experience accidental slide lock with the Beretta 92 series as a result of accidental contact with the slide stop lever. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to push it up enough to lock the slide.

My two-handed grip is such that my strong side thumb rests on the flesh at the base of my support hand thumb and does not contact the pistol. If you don't use that type of grip you might give it a try. I think there is a good chance your slide lock problem would go away.
I have the same thing with a 92. It's your thumb riding the slide lock lever. It sticks out a fair way compared to many other handguns. Either tuck your strong side thumb down under the support thumb, keep your thumbs held out away from the frame or grind down the protrusion on the slide lock (not all the way, just some)
Interesting... I can't see what that is or is not the issue because I don't recall but I will say that I've spent the last 12 years in the military so I do have experience with beretta m9 and have never had that issue then. But I also have to say that it is possible because my hands were very sore by the time I got to the pistol range. I had cited in 2 large caliber rifles which I'm not very experienced an end the benches at this particular ranch almost require you to lean over on top of the gun rather than get behind the gun so my shooting position and hand position was very unnatural. I really was pretty exhausted by the time I went to shoot it and really wasn't even trying to shoot it well but just blew a couple magazines down range to make sure it function properly. I guess there is a good possibility my form was bad.

Ill have to try to watch myself next time I shoot it
Agree on the slide lock. I used a video camera years ago to prove what I was doing. I refused to think it but, the camera did not lie.

Slow mo, or frame by frame and you will see it.
Shoot left handed with two hands and see if the issues goes away. As a lefty myself, some things work better for me and some things are worse compared to a right hander. I sometimes wonder why controls were developed the way they are when they work better for a lefty.
The way I see a lot of younger shooters shoot with both the thumbs riding the slide, it's a wonder they ever have slide lock. I learned to keep the thumbs glued together, pointing off to the left (RH) or left (LH). Call me old-fashonied, but my slide locks open. ;)
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