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Some Interesting Exerpts from FS LEI Weekly

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Malone LaVeigh, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. Malone LaVeigh

    Malone LaVeigh Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Washed out of Four-dollar Bayou. Now I'm... somewh
    A few years ago they issued us all plastic whistles to use if we're attacked in the woods. I feel so much safer now.

    Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF - On 11/20, an SA responded to a 911 call of “shots fired at the Dewey Barâ€. After requesting and being notified that back-up was responding, the SA positioned her vehicle at a safe distance to observe the bar, and heard additional shots fired. Moments later a man exited the bar carrying an assault rifle with an extended magazine. The man proceeded to his vehicle and began reloading magazines. Fearing for the safety of occupants in the bar as well as responding back-up, the SA seized the opportunity to intercede and arrest while the suspect was reloading. She approached, gave the command to drop the weapon and move away from the vehicle, and the man complied. He refused to “prone-out†as directed, and told the SA he was “going to his vehicle and getting his gunâ€. As the man started to advance to his vehicle and the SA threatened to shoot, a bystander approached to assist and struck the man from behind with a large rock. A ground fight ensued, with another onlooker coming to assist as well. After several minutes, the man was subdued and restrained. Back-up arrived 10-15 minutes later, the building was cleared, and 40+ shell casing were found on the floor of the bar. A subsequent search of the man’s residence found the man’s dog shot dead on the couch, and the entire home shot full of 223 cal bullet holes.

    [Need to add a rock to my equipment. A rock and a whistle. That's the ticket.]

    Mendocino NF - On 9/3, a multi agency effort consisting of LEO’s, Glenn County SD, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement SA’s conducted a marijuana raid within Butte Drainage of the Grindstone RD. The initial team consisted of an LEO and K9 Chiwa. The LEO and Chiwa lead the team thru the garden and directly into the camp. A suspect was apprehended without incident. The suspect was sleeping in a tent nearby the marijuana plantation and was within arm distance to several firearms, including a fully automatic weapon. The garden site consisted of over 4,800 plants and several pounds of processed marijuana ready for sale. Six firearms were within the camp, of which one was determined to be stolen. Federal charges are pending.

    9/17, a multi agency effort consisting of LEO’s, an LEI K9 team, Immigration and Customs SA’s and Glenn County SD officers conducted an early morning raid within the Freshwater drainage of the Grindstone RD. The initial team entered the grow site and observed two people in the site. The two fled, dropping their firearms as the K9 handler gave warning announcements. The K9 pursued the fleeing men up a narrow dry creek bed. The K9 engaged one of the men and the other was able to fight her off. K9 Chiwa suffered temporary paralyses to her hind legs due to blunt trauma to her spine. The men then evaded capture. The garden contained over 300 plants, and numerous firearms including one stolen firearm.

    On 9/28, a Patrol Captain and an LEO received information from hunters who had encountered two men with firearms at what they believed to be a structure. As the hunters walked away from the men, they noticed small black plastic pipe. On 9/29, a multi Agency effort consisting of LEO’s, Glenn County SD, Immigration and Customs SA’s and a Chico PD SWAT Team conducted a raid within this area. The officers located a tarp covered structure with cots, sleeping bags and cooking items. Nearby the encampment, LEO’s found another small camp which was being used to process the marijuana plants for sale. LEO’s seized about 60 pounds of processed marijuana and over 180 plants. The suspects were not located.

    [Hey, that's my district!]

    Cherokee NF – On 11/29, LEO’s and TWRA officers conducted a vehicle checkpoint on the Unaka RD. A vehicle with two male occupants stopped at the checkpoint and the officers saw a rifle with a scope in the front seat between the men. The officers obtained consent to search the vehicle and found the rifle was a loaded .22. They also found two spotlights, a box of ammunition, and three prescription bottles containing a large assortment of pills. The driver is a convicted felon with a history of cocaine trafficking. He was arrested and several federal charges are pending.

    Yellowstone National Park (ID,MT,WY) - On 11/22, Rangers and SA’s arrested Livingston, MT man following a citizen report of a man poaching antelope in the Stevens Creek area of the park. A Ranger and an SA were first to arrive on scene and saw a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle attempting to leave the area. The vehicle was stopped and a short stand-off ensued. According to the criminal complaint filed in this case, the man was repeatedly ordered at gunpoint to keep his hands in view and to get down on the ground. He instead opted to reach repeatedly and aggressively toward his waistband, then reportedly told the rangers to shoot him. The man was ultimately taken into custody. A dead antelope and a rifle were discovered in the front seat of the red Ford Bronco he was driving. The man was booked into the Mammoth Hot Springs jail for violating the Lacey Act (poaching), resisting and impeding federal officers, using a weapon in a national park, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, possession of drug paraphernalia, and operating a vehicle off of designated park roadways. A detention hearing was set for 11/25. The investigation is continuing and the case is being further reviewed by the United States Attorney’s Office for the possible filing of additional felony weapons charges. This was the sixth known wildlife poaching case inside the park within the last two months.
  2. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    Jul 25, 2003
    The Great Pacific NorthWet
    That's either a large front seat or a very small Antelope.
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