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Some shooting results of my Knoxx stocked 870 sluggun

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Orr89rocz, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Orr89rocz

    Orr89rocz Member

    Dec 28, 2006
    Delmont, PA
    I completed building my slug gun and i like it. Recoil now is fairly manageable for some hot loads. Still quite a beast but bench manageable. The gun is a 870 Supermag turkey gun and i added the 23inch super slug barrel and Pine Ridge Lever Evolution scope and Knoxx SpecOps NRS stock with Powerpak. Tacstar 3 shot extension and barrel clamp is on its way. In the stock i added a lead filled 1/2 inch by 4-4.5" copper tube to add weight. In the magazine extension i added a lead filled 3/4inch x 5.5" steel pipe. So the gun only holds 5 like stock but the balance is nice and it weighs abit over 11lbs empty. :)


    Took it out to shoot some of my Winchester Platinum Tip Slugs today. 400 grains at 1700fps. I had the gun somewhat zeroed before and decided to check it. 100 yard range

    To my surprise my first 5 shots were horrible and i have no idea why. brand new box of ammo produced this group.


    Aiming at top left black square and 3 shots hit the target. 2 flew high and left off target and i think it may have been the way i held the gun, wasnt holding the muzzle end down hard enough and i think it threw the shots high. the other shots felt good. I was shocked nonetheless. I was like this isnt as accurate as i hoped so i clicked the scope down abit to "center" the pattern.

    grabbed a DIFFERENT box of ammunition of Platinum tips and had 3 shots aiming at the bottom right black square. no other changes and it shot the best group i've ever seen from a slug gun. I'll have to get back out and try again to see if this was a fluke or not.

    Could it been a bad box of ammo? I dont understand how a full 5 shots could be so crappy then 3 others within a inch square! I didnt change how I shot the gun at all. Held it comfortably and firm on the forearm and held that end down while i squeezed off. Any ideas? I'd be abit upset if a 15 dollar box of 5 shells was not loaded consistantly. Maybe my scoped needed rocked around before it "settled".
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