something like a 1911?

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Jul 16, 2008
After realizing that a sig226 grip is a bit too bulky for my small hands, I was entertaining the idea of buying a rock island commander.

After watching a field strip of a standard 1911... I decided that maybe I want something easier to strip down... and maybe something more for carry.

Are there pistols out there that will feel like a 1911 on the grip? or at least has a grip that's as small as a 1911? I'm looking for something that is reliable yet cheap. I'd rather not dab in to the used-handgun section unless there's an amazing track record (like sig cpo's)

I prefer 9mm or .45acp
I'd try field stripping a 1911 before I wrote it off entirely; it is pretty easy.

However, if you still want something with a comparable grip, I'd look at CZs or Springfield Armory XDs. Those grips are not terribly different from the 1911, but there really is only one thing that feels like a 1911- another 1911.
i just picked up an EAA witness match, 45, and can i tell ya...... a hoot to shoot! one ragged hole with wolf ammo, at 7 yards. fit time shooting it!!!

the witness has a 4 3/4" match grade ramped barrel, and has an overall 1911 look and feel. as to the grip size, im not sure on the size differeance, if there even is any??? one thing i like about the EAA desing, (or CZ desing) of the pistol is that the slide actually rides inside the frame. it also field strips with great ease. not movable link to worry about, and no barrel bushing to take out first. just cock the hammer back, (on a known, unloaded pistol) line up the takedown marks located on the back of the pistol slide and frame, push out the slide release, like on a 1911, and the slide comes right off the frame.

the trigger, is amazing, and has an overtravle adustment on it. ( set so good from factory, im leaving it alone) i am very pleases with my purchase, and look forward to shooting it a lot more.... hope this helps, brian... for more info.
A 1911 with out the silly FLGR is a simple disassembly. for cleaning. My 14 year old daugther can strip and reassemble My Colts with just 1 lesson. With or with out the FLGR.. Really not hard at all Enjoy a 1911 and don't worry about being hard to disassemble.
Have you considered a Kahr? I think they pretty well nailed the light & thin CCW piece niche. Not super cheap, but much cheaper than most 1911s. They come in 9, 40, & 45 in a variety of sizes.
Actually, IMO the best feeling gun is a CZ. Much more comfortable than even my 1911's.
Other then the grip size, did you like the P226? SIG P220 has a narrower grip, since it is a single stack .45acp, yet has the simple take down mechanism of the P226.
One field strip and you will be able to field strip anyones 1911 from here to vietnam in the dark.

If it has a one piece FLGR you push in the guide rod plug with the wrench and turn the bushing or if it has a two piece, unscrew the two piece rod with the allen key and then turn the bushing. With a GI rod, you push in the plug with your thumb and turn the bushing. Now, line up the notch in the slide with the notch in the frame where the slide stop goes and push the slide stop out of the frame. Now, pull the slide forward and viola. Two pieces. Now remove the spring, rod and barrel and it is field stripped.

I can field strip mine in less than 15 seconds without tools. I can detail strip it (Down to a pile of parts) in 2 minutes with my hands and a fired .45ACP casing. The pistol was designed to use its own parts as tools for detail stripping (Firing pin as a punch for the small pins, slide stop pin as a punch for MSH...) The .45 casing is used to remove the slotted screws (If you have allen key grip screws you are going to need an allen key...) that hold the grip panels on.

It takes more steps and time to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich than it does to field strip a 1911.
As noted above, don't let the mechanics of the 1911 scare you. Go to a friend that has a 1911 and give it a try.

After you have done that, if you are still not ready for a 1911, take a look at a Kahr. There are several models that will fit what you are looking for. I just found a good used Kahr K9 for my daughter. It's a dream to shoot. The newer ones will be plastic frames, but they hold up well.
A GI 1911 is easy to field strip. Not especially difficult to detail strip, either.

The only tricky bit comes when reassmbling, and that's to get the slide stop through the hole in the barrel link. Still not difficult, though.

S&W TDAs are fairly simple to field strip. The 45s are single column and fit well in my hands (I prefer them a bit more than my Colts). I suggest the 4566- they can be had relatively inexpensive and are similar size of a commander.

This the exact model I have- not my gun but is the same

Consider a Star Firestar. They are out of production and there are no easily available spare parts, but the pistols and magazines are easy to find and very inexpensive. Build quality is excellent with the toughest proprietary electroless nickel finish ever. This one is in .45ACP, but slightly smaller versions are in 9mm and .40.

The Firestar is small, but as it's all steel it's heavy for its size.

Field stripping is about the same as a 1911 - it's really not all that hard.


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Are there pistols out there that will feel like a 1911 on the grip? or at least has a grip that's as small as a 1911? I'm looking for something that is reliable yet cheap. I'd rather not dab in to the used-handgun section unless there's an amazing track record (like sig cpo's)

I prefer 9mm or .45acp

Browning Hi-Power. If you like a 1911, you should love a High-Power. CZ-75's are a similar fit too.

Both break down in a few seconds.
SIG 45 or 9mm


If you want a 45cal, and something that is very accurate out of the box, along with, being one of the *easiest guns to disassemble, inspect, clean, and reassemble, bar none, out there, then I would suggest the following:

*Sig P229 45 (full size) thin, single stack mag, thin grip, and same size as a commander 1911.

*Sig P229 Carry model, same grip size, 1/2" shorter in length.

*Sig P225, as mentioned above, 9mm with single stack mag, thin grips.

As others have said, the field strip will be fine after one or two times but if you are looking for something similar you can check out the Springfield XD. It does have a wider grip than the 1911 but it's at a similar angle. The field strip on the XD incredibly easy. Another thing would be to check out CZ. Their pistols are very comfortable to hold but i've never shot one or field stripped one. CZ has a very large and very loyal following though so they gotta be nice. Browning Hi Power is another one.
Get a new 220 with external extractor. More accurate than most 1911's, easier to field strip and reliable. The grip is thinner than the 226 since it's single stacked, especially with thin grips.

ah thx guys. From other reading, I've actually got my sights set on an hk (uspc or hk45c)... new thread time :D
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