Soon to be Ex wants Serials

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benny p

Jan 16, 2013
I am going thru a messy divorce, and I am trying to work some of the property divisions out on our own, and she is demanding I give her my gun serial numbers before she will proceed with anything. I don't think she can do anything with them, but I am not sure. I offered to tell her exactly what I have, which has dwindled to my glock and RRA, along with a shotgun and loader.

Anyway, I can't imagine she is going to do anything good with those serial number. Especially since I offered to tell her what they were, when she told me she needed them to do "research", and she demanded serials.

I plan on letting my lawyer sort it out, but wanted some free advice and she is far from that...
I agree - PO her!!!
She Must demonstrate - probably thru her lawyer - a NEED TO KNOW!!!
You're better off than I was though. My X just cleanerd the house out while I was gone. 36 guns Gone!
Since it's a "messy" divorce, best all communication between you and her should be through attorneys - especially since she's making unreasonable demands as the two of you are trying to work out property divisions. (Sounds like you're the only one that's actually trying.)

If the guns are part of the community property that's going to be divided, they're going to be mixed in with everything else (including stuff like her jewelry) so your lawyer can & should handle it. I don't see how serial numbers are any of her bleeping business - but then, I'm not your lawyer.
I wouldn't unless you have the 4473's and proof of sale. All it takes is a fit of jealous rage and suddenly you're in possession of "stolen" firearms.

Even so I'd be very careful with what I have out.
Biggest fear is accusation of some form of violent behavior to get restraining order against you, requiring you get rid of your guns and not possess fireams until resolved. This is almost standard for many attorney's.
I agree - PO her!!!
She Must demonstrate - probably thru her lawyer - a NEED TO KNOW!!!
You're better off than I was though. My X just cleanerd the house out while I was gone. 36 guns Gone!
Luckily I got to them first. But she's got some other stuff, that Is mine. She's playing the what's hers is hers and what mine is hers game.

She already tried the "he shoved me" thing. Long story short, not guilty. So now I have them back.

Follow up for the guys who have been there. Does her wedding and engagement ring count as property? Live in Iowa, I'm sure state makes a Difference. She claims I cannot count it as her property. Not a gun question but I'm am curious.
Yep, count it as property. Count EVERYTHING as property. She will. And NO WAY IN HELL do you give her the serial numbers.
The best free advice is to not worry about free advice and listen to your lawyer's advice. During any contract dispute and a divorce is exactly that the best thing you can say to the party of the second part is absolutely nothing.

Or as my dear father would tell you, you are paying an attorney good money to do your talking for you. Let the man to his job.
Stop communicating with her. Do not be around her and account for your whereabouts at all times lest she use the nuclear option on you (claims of abuse). You'll be guilty til proven innocent. And give her nothing until ordered by judge or otherwise agreed to in writing. You better play this just like any other business deal because that's what it is at this point
I guess I'm mainly wondering if she can do anything with them...and would she even know if i gave her the right numbers

She used the nuclear option...We also have two small kids together so we have to balance them as well. But I am trying to meet in public placed and such...
If all you have is a Glock, an RRA, and a shotgun, just give them to her. They aren't worth quibbling about, and you can replace them later.

What you need to avoid at all costs is a domestic violence accusation. That will ruin your day!
If she places value on having the s/ns, then you should receive something that you value. Negotiation. But I also think lawyers should be involved for the best outcome.
Do not, under any circumstances, give her the serial numbers of your guns. That's bad news.

Also, in any state, you can get the engagement ring back. It is a gift, given by you, in expectation of a contract between two people. Once that contract ends, you have the right to recover your property given under that contract.
Tell her you need all of her jewelry so you can do research and have it appraised.

No S/N's.

There have been court decisions that the ring is part of a contract to be wed. And therefor, be returned.
What can she do with the serial numbers? Ive never dealt with it before...
What can she do with the serial numbers? Ive never dealt with it before...

If you bought them thru an FFL using the normal 4473 form.... not much.

If you bought any with no paperwork... "I think my husband has stolen guns".

Either way she could say the same thing but scenario #1 ends pretty quickly. Scenario #2 is a big pain in the :banghead:

Its probably a control issue and wants to pull your strings.
Tell you lawyer to tell her lawyer that the serials are...

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First, real life legal matters are a job for a real life lawyer -- not anonymous denizens of cyberspace.

Second, this is off topic. It's about divorce laws and marital property -- not really gun laws.
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