Sportsman's guide starting to act weird about gun parts

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I've been buying from Sportsmansguide for years. And I still buy from them. There isn't anything wrong with the company. Yes, some things are cheaper elsewhere. But some things are cheaper from them. No one said you have to buy only from one company. And all the stuff the OP printed is correct; but it's also legitimate. And it's not Sportsmansguide's fault. So don't blame them. I still buy a large portion of my ammunition from them. I've bought a lot of different items and I will continue to do so.
I checked the SGs website. I see know you have to enter the street address to check your order status. At least that is better than before. You still don't have to log in to your account though. I wonder why they changed it now when they were so adamant about telling us to stick it a year ago when we asked them to? I'm from Minnesota and I use to go to their store regularly. I can't stand them now. They won't get one dime from me.
Jon, why is it you won't buy from them? Sorry, but your post didn't say one thing along the line of WHY. Something about the way you use to have to track your order; and now it's not like that??? All you said was you can't stand them, but you didn't say why. While I've had absolutely no problems with them at all, if I was going to question doing business with them, something more than "I can't stand them" is needed. thanks.
Wow I had no idea they sold out. I thought about ordering from them but will not now. Seems like alot of American companies are selling us out. Very sad days. Pretty soon the rest of the world will own America. No wonder they want to disarm us.
What's wrong with Gander Mountain??

GM sold their mail order business to Cabela's or Bass Pro years (around 15) ago. Not every state has a GM. They were doing OK for gun prices, usually at worst average, until about 5 years ago. Since then, their prices for everything is very high, at least in my area. They do now set black rifles though.
I agree that SG's restrictive shipping policies drive me crazy (e.g. no sale of AIR PISTOLS to NY residents), but I still occasionally buy my fiocchi JHP ammo them since they have decent prices.
I will never buy from Sportsman's Guide ever again.

I ordered ammo from them on their web site. It was confirmed. Then I got the backorder notice. That's fine. Then they told me that they would not expect it for 3 months. Again, that's OK. Then they said the price went up from $65 to $95 because they had a price increase from their vendor. Cancelled the order. THey did not cancel it and sent it, and refused to honor their sale price.

I ordered some magazines- supposed to be new in wrapper, unissued. The ones I got were in grocery-store Ziplock bags (what military issues Ziplock sandwich bags??) and had been beat to heck and painted over a couple times. When I requested an RMA t oreturn them they told me they were getting a lot of those returned, gee, they don't know why.

I ordered some more ammo. They put me on backorder status. They kept sending me the cards saying they were out of stock. This went on for several months.
One day I was surfing their website and they had the exact same surplus ammo showing in stock, but for 25% higher price. I called them and asked what was up. They told me, no, No, that's not the same stuff, yours is still on backorder, see the catalog number was one number different?

Final straw: I bought some more magazines. They were supposedly again, NIB. When I ordered them I ordered a case quantity. They cancelled my order because I had ordered too many. I called to ask why, they said they were limiting dealer sales. I'm not a dealer- I own three of these rifles, and wanted spares. The customer (dis)service person actually asked me how many spare magazines I really needed...

I've got two words for Sportsman's Guide- and the second word is "OFF".
I personally had my "Buyers Club" membership cancelled for ordering too many of the same items. The customer service folks called me to inform me of this decision. They did send everything at the higher prices. When I asked to be refunded the buyer club fee (I had only joined on the previous order) I was told no. I tried talking to supervisors, asking if I should be in a different program, and could gain no ground. I have read about plenty of other folks having the exact same thing happen.
I am still annoyed about this!

They still send catalogs, and my wife tosses them as she feels the same as I do.

Richard C. Hamer
They never made my mail order cut even in their hey-day. I never found any compelling reason to do business with them and didn't care for their business model.
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