Spyderco Emdura 4 v. Benchmade Vex?

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Apr 24, 2007
Lima, Peru
It seems strange to me that, here in the UK, there is only $5 difference in price between these two knives.

Benchmade is Benchmade when all is said and done, and the Vex does have G10 scales, but the blade, though good (apparently the equivaent of Aus8), is Chinese made, and this is clearly a budget offering.

The Spyderco may have inferior (though not bad) handles, but it is a classic knife, has a VG10 blade, and is, so far as I can tell, American made.

What do you think?
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I told Sal Glesser, after looking over the Delica and Endura 4s, that they were underpriced by about 100%.

I have a Delica 4 and a WAVEd Endura. If I weren't in body armor with a Speed Dialer (see Dec 2007 SWAT), I'd prefer the regular Endura 4 to the WAVEd version.

So, yeah, I like 'em. ;)

Something to consider about most G10, is that it rips pants very quickly.

Enduras are made in Seki City Japan.

Japan over Chicom is a no brainer, especially when a fiver is the difference.

Steel lined FRN lockback > G-10 liner lock anyways.
First, I wouldn't consider FRN (fiber reinforced nylon composite) to be inferior to G-10/FR4 (fiber reinforced epoxy composite).

Second, VG-10 is far superior to AUS 8 as a blade steel.

Third, G-10 does eat fabric that is sandwiched between it and a pocket clip (but this is easily fixed with a dab of clear nail polish).

The Endura is a proven design that has undergone evolutionary improvements.
According to a martial arts instructor of mine, Seki City is the hub of everything steel in Japan. They hold a steel festival yearly, and notable blacksmiths converge. I gave him a Seki made Spyderco as a gift, and to him it was like I handed him a golden chalice.
I got the Endura and I am delighted with the feel and quality of it.

I find it a little stiff to deploy one handed however , and I am wondering if it will loosen up a little with use.

What are the best oils or greases to use to lubricate the load bearing areas?

Is ordinary gun oil or 3in1 OK, or do I need some specialised product?

What oils or greases do you use to wipe over your blades?
I have gone to occasional wipes with mineral oil to keep rust off my blades. Super cheap and nontoxic.
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