Stainless steel frame on my Charter Arms .38's

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May 22, 2009
7996ADFF-B56C-4575-96DD-838506801155.jpeg As you might know, I have two six shot .38's with 3" barrels and adjustable sights. These are built on the Bulldog frame with an alloy grip frame. One of the guns is back at the factory getting the timing adjusted, so I asked for a stainless steel grip frame to be installed.

I also found a used stainless steel grip frame on Gun Broker, so I bought it for $35. The steel frame arrived today.

I installed the grip frame and had to fit it a little bit. The frame is about 2.5oz heavier, and in all the right places!

The best way to describe it is the gun feels more solid now. It feels like it balances better with the 3" barrel. It isn't a pocket gun, so the added weight is welcomed. It is still under 27oz, so it feels like a kit gun.
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I do like the metal grip frames better. The polymer on my UC is great for weight in the pocket, but I like the more solid feel on my Pitbull .45.

Looks great!
My Charter Arms Undercover had an aluminum alloy grip frame and while it was a nice weight for carrying around, I wouldn't have minded if there was a little more weight with a steel grip frame to absorb some of the felt recoil.
Have you smoothed the edges around the trigger guard yet?

Is that a new model they have now? I'm curious if the sights have enough adjustment to go from light fast 110 gr loads up to slow 158s..
I smoothed the edges on the whole gun a couple of months ago. I did not smooth the edges on the stainless frame because it didn't need it.

The gun shoots 125gr light hand loads about 3" high at 15 yards with the rear sight at it's lowest setting. I will experiment with different loads and bullet weights. My plan is to have the front sight milled off on both guns and have a dovetail milled into the barrel. This will allow me to have a night sight or Millett sight installed. I probably will need a taller front sight, depending on the other loads I try.
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