Stand-Alone Priming Systems

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The flaring does me nothing as I use a progressive (550b).

I actually don't secure my press and use two hands on it when pulling the lever also. I haven't finalized my bench yet nor have I made my final move. Hopefully that will all change in the next year or so.

Make it easy on yourself. Bolt your press to a piece of wood. Get a couple of c-clamps and clamp that baby down. Easy on-easy off. And you can move it around on the bench.

My press is bolted, but I c-clamp my powder thrower because I like to put it away in a drawer when done. And sometimes have it in a different spot on the bench.
I can get the press brand new from Midway for $67.99 and the priming system for $22 or so. I will certainly look for a used Lee single-stage that I can mount this to. Apparently it has to be made after 2006 according to the description.

In the video you linked to, it doesn't show the priming system connecting to the die at all. It looks like it attaches to the press itself.

I do like the idea of mounting my presses to wood blocks. Then I can change out presses. I have a table I load on but I can't clamp anything to it due to the design of it. I need to run lag bolts through it but I haven't gotten to it yet.
I have been using the RCBS hand primer. Yes I do get a cramp in my hand when I prime 500 at a time so I am getting better using my left hand too. I have always worked with my hands mechanics and carpentry so my hands are hard if you are more girly wear one of those fingerless leather gloves so you do not get a blister and prime away.

I commonly am priming when something half decent is on the TV. Yes I do have a TV in the loading room too but it is only a 6 inch digital so it does not get in my way.
I think a lot of people run into hand soreness/ injury issues with the various hand priming tools. The same as a grip on a handgun - what's perfect for one person is going to be hated by somebody else. To keep from getting blisters and cramps I'll change my grip often, and if I'm priming a lot of cases I'll switch to my left hand and sometimes even use both thumbs to run the tool.
I just saw that Lee has an Ergo Prime hand primer. For $32 it's worth trying at least. I looks like they reversed the handle, so it would be pressed by your fingers instead of your thumb.
In the video you linked to, it doesn't show the priming system connecting to the die at all. It looks like it attaches to the press itself.

The top of the press is tapped with two screw holes. There is a little foot that screws to the top of the press. Then the safety prime assembly clips onto that foot so it can swing back and forth freely. Here's a pic. You can easily remove the safety prime system. It just lifts off. i keep mine in a drawer when not in use.

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