Jul 5, 2011
Over the years I've read about Starlines "policy" concerning backorder.

Little over a week ago I ordered 500 .45 Colt that was "backordered" just curious what anyone's experience has been with Starlines "official back orders?

I believe in this company so I'll abide by their rules/do whatever it takes

I'm in NO HURRY, just curious.
I'll wait for AMERICAN, I'll wait for quality products; I'll give them my name and enything else they require!
Just curious about their policy.
Thank you very much!

I'm definitely a "Starline" customer for life!

America, F YEAH!

I have a PILE 10MM and its EXCELLENT BRASS, I'm "Wondering" what kind of time frame were looking at.

I'll Wait a year for Starline brass!!
I'll wait however long it takes.

I'll give my money to Starline everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

Just curious; nothing more.

Thank you all for your answers :thumbup:
I ordered some .357 mag. cases a couple weeks ago . Ordered them in the morning , got shipping Email same afternoon . I've also got some stuff on backorder still from 3 months ago . You just never know .
I've ordered 6.5 Grendel from them twice on "backorder". Both times the brass was at my door in a week. I really like Starline, I'm pretty well set for brass now but if I need to buy more, I'll go directly to Starline.
About 4 weeks ago constantly checking Starlines site for .357 brass was stunned to see in stock. Knowing it couldn't last more than a few minutes my fingers were shaking trying to punch in credit card and such fast enough. When finally done it says "Backorder" I think BUCKUS! Oh well...To my surprise 72 hours later I have 500 rds of 357 brass on my front porch.....Thank you Starline.
Yea they're usually quick on most and won't forget about you if it'll be a spell. I will never ever buy Starline brass anywhere but factory direct. When I found I could do that awhile back, it's become the most prolific headstamp in the room.
I think that all of my purchases from Starline have been backorder purchases and I haven’t waited over two weeks.
The thing about placing a backorder is that it has been placed.
If you wait for it to be in stock you might miss out.
I bet you won’t wait much longer.
I did have them call me after a few months waiting on back ordered .32 H&R. They called because they needed my CC reauthorized to complete the purchase. :thumbup:

I am still waiting for .327 cases, many moons have passed showing red on their site meaning out of stock-no backorders. :(

Stay safe.