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Stars and Stripes ammo

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Bob79, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Bob79

    Bob79 Member

    Jun 7, 2004
    I was looking for good SD standard pressure ammo in .38 special, so I PM'ed Jim March (nice man). He referred me to Gray Area ammo, so I e-mailed them, and he was a nice guy but said his prices were pretty high. So he gave me info about http://www.starsandstripesammo.com and I checked them out.

    Called the guy today, and he was really nice. They have some ammo listed on their site, but it was explained to me that make a lot more different ammo than what is listed. So I told him I needed a .38 standard pressure round for my 442/642, that would perform well. He said he has two rounds he tailors specifically for short barrel revolvers (not listed on the site). A 125 grain RNFP (round nose flat point) that does approx 975 FPS from a 2" barrel, and a 158 grain SWC doing approx 760 FPS from a 2" barrel. Again, he said both are standard pressure, and the rounds were chronographed from an actual revolver w/ a 2" barrel.

    I ordered 1 box (50 rounds) of each to try at $14 a pop, which is a very reasonable price. Should be here by end of next week, and I plan to try both and see which I like better. I personally prefer a cast bullet, but for those of you who are interested he makes a 110 grain XTP JHP that does about 1,100 FPS from a 4" barrel, and a 125 grain Gold Dot JHP that goes approx 1,000 FPS also from a 4" barrel. Again both of these are standard pressure rounds.

    I wouldn't mind sending 5 rounds of each of what I ordered for someone to chrono and post here the results...are you listening Mr Camp?:)
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