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Shame what you've had to go through to get this idiot to make it right. I really hope this works out to your satisfaction, good luck.
Hi Hammers. It's been about six months since your last post updating the situation. I'm just curious if anything has happened during that time. This post really struck a cord with me. Many thanks.
Yeah, good luck man. I can't stand thieves. Oh, to have a baseball bat and be in the same room...

Background to my severe dislike of thieves:

Around Christmas (maybe Dec 21 or so) of 2002 I was living in a house in the West End/Murphy Road area of Nashville. While I was out at my girlfriend's place, some d1ckhead broke through my bedroom window and left with my black Takamine electric/acoustic guitar and about 20 CDs. The cops dusted for prints but, to my knowledge, never apprehended anyone.

Luckily a week or so later I found the guitar, in its case, in the woods behind the house... with bird crap splotches on it. I figure the lazy POS figured its weight too heavy. Thank heavens he did, because I loved (still love) my guitar. I've written a bunch of songs on it and it (thus) has a ton of sentimental value. About 20 songs are about a nameless college-days ex who was "the one", or so I thought.

So yeah, man -- not to pull a Clinton, but I feel your pain. When I thought I had lost that guitar, my path of nostalgia back to the days with the One, I wanted to hurt the person who stole it.
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Hi Hammers, I'm just wondering if you might have an update for us. If you can't talk about it becuase of where you are in the process, that is fine. I would love to know how it turned out. Hope all is well.
I have an 6" Python I bought 24 years ago, only gave $245 NIB for it, I know how badly you feel Hammer! Hope your Sis sticks it to him. One of your last posts said his attorney offered less than $500, what a scum, worse than the accused! In a town, South of where I live, is a gun shop/shooting range that's been in business for many years, the owner had to sell his portion of the business when he got mandated room/board with a guy named Bubba. This jerk would take firearms in on trade, sell a new/used, whatever, put the transaction of the traded firearm into a "book" of traded firearms, no problem. Seems as though he was keeping "2" sets of books. Having access to the place at any hours and days, he'd collect the traded firearms, and on Sat. and Sun. go to gun shows and sell his "wares", no paperwork involved, "You give me cash, you dash!" He was sentenced to 35 years in the bighouse. Don't give up Hammer, his day in court will come soon enough, probably too soon for his liking! Don't let this leave too terrible of a taste in your mouth, the prisons are full of jerks like this, you'll win, no doubt! Good Luck and please keep us posted.:cool:
Hi Hammers,
I'm just wondering if you have an update for us. I would love to hear how this turned out - good (my hope) or bad. If any of you know Hammers, I'd appreciate it if you could get in touch with him to find out how it turned out.
Hmmmm, sounds like a real respectable dirt bag don't he? Probably have to sell a couple of revolvers he's repairing to pay the fine! Might find him doing more jail time when this other is finished.
aHFo3 -- I sure would like to know what you found on that website, however being where I am, I do not have access to the entire internet like when I am back in Texas. Would appreciate any information
aHFo3 -- I sure would like to know what you found on that website, however being where I am, I do not have access to the entire internet like when I am back in Texas. Would appreciate any information

It was a website of "City Court Minutes", listing all the people that came through court that day and what for. The FFL (or someone with the same name) was listed for an assault charge. Still no word from the OP about the outcome of this Colt incident.

"Earl Gotreaux, 474 Max Rd., Eunice, simple battery, guilty, $374.50 fine, 90 days in jail suspended, probation for 2 years, ordered to perform 3 days of community service;"
I did some searching and from what I gathered his name is Earl Gothreaux and is still in business. There is a review of his shop on google from March of this year. So I don't think that other charge was him, from the link above. Still would like to hear an update though.
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