stuck choke tube

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Feb 21, 2011
London , Ohio
I received this gun in trade it's a 20 ga mossberg 500c pump 26inch barrel with screw in chokes.I tried to remove the choke with a choke tube wrench wouldn't budge.Tried a extended wrench the tru fit with the cross bar handle no luck.I removed the barrel and soaked it in pb blaster for 7 days mounted in a padded vise and tried to pound it out with a flat punch and hammer no luck.I took it to a smith who said he could fix it. I got the gun back the next day he couldn't move it and attempted to cut it out with a tap set but that didn't work so now I have a completely unshootable barrel with deep threads cut into it with the choke tube still stuck in it.Any suggestions are welcomed.I have a new barrel for the gun but would like to fix the original.
What choke is stuck? Maybe the smith can hone it out to the next size to correct his mistake or cut it back, and have a cylinder bore.
Brownell's sells a tool that will cut out/remove a stuck choke tube. It's not expensive to purchase. I have never used one, but it may be worth a try.
Good luck.
I won't let him touch my cap gun let alone let him have a go at that barrel again.I plan just to order the tool and do it myself or try to hone it out with a spring loaded cylinder hone for a lawn mower.wish me luck.
Sounds like it's rusted in place. Get some Kroil Penetrating oil and let it soak over night. Then try in the morning. In no good, you need to shake things up a little. Use a padded vice and lightly squeeze the barrel working your way around. Let it soak in Kroil till the next day and try again. If that does not work it's time for heat. But that's using a heat gun on the outside of the barrel. Then spray the inside with some liquid cool. This is a can of Cold for trouble shooting heat problems on electronics. A CO2 cartridge works good if you have a ways to control it, like one of the bicycles flat fixer.
Trust me you need a leverage cheater bar just like you would slide onto a socket wrench if something was to tight for you
If you can put the barrel in a freezer over night, then put it in a padded vise. Apply some heat (heat gun) to the tube area while trying to use the choke tube wrench again.

Works on frozen screws, etc.
A new barrel may less expensive than the smithy and with the pounding the barrel has taken, may be the best choice. If the barrel threads are mucked up, you can't fix. else it's rusted or has junk in the threads. If you manage to break it loose, work it out slow with solvent/oil to keep the barrel threads OK. Possibly try putting the choke end in an ultrasonic cleaner with some Kroil ? The metal is thin, threads are real fine pitch - probably can't hone it without mucking up the barrel.
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