Suggestions for a Shoulder Holster

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Mar 15, 2007
for my pet Sig P220ST.
Hi folks !
I would like your views on a nice holster that would be lite wieght and not to bulky.Also not outrageously expensive.I think a vertical draw would be the best since my Siggie is rather bulky and heavy.
Do you like the X-15 ? It allows for a fast draw with minimal retention.
Please give me some ideas.:confused:
And also....have you ever heard of people wearing and carrying their rigs
" under " their shirts for more concealability ?:confused:

Thanks for your input !:)
A friend of mine carries a G23 in a Galco Miami Classic II, which is not cheap, but is the standard in shoulder rigs, from my understanding. It's also a horizondal draw. You might like vertical draw, but I have trouble drawing from this position. And yes, my friend usually carries his gun over a t-shirt, and under a button down shirt. He conceals it very well, especially considering that he's only about 5'5"/140.
I'm considering a similar setup with my P225.
Among others, Galco and Bianchi make vertical draw shoulder holsters.
The Bianchi X-15 is more or less the industry standard design with the retention spring in the front opening of the holster.

For cheap, but still usable, Uncle Mike's make nylon vertical shoulder holsters although without a spring retention system.
I carry my P226 in a Bianchi horizantal with the 2 mag pouch on the other side. I wears well and has good balance. I also wear mine over a t-shirt and under a button up. I deal with customers every day and no one notices.
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