Suppressor Rebuild?

Dan Forrester

Mar 21, 2003
I have an old Gemtech Trinity 9mm suppressor. The suppressor has had less than 500 rounds through it in the 20 years I’ve owned it. It was very loud even when new.

I would like to get it rebuilt as a dedicated suppressor for a HK SP5 SBR.

Has anyone had an old suppressor rebuilt? Who did you use?

Thanks Dan


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That’s a great suggestion! ECCO Machine threaded some barrels for me a few years ago. Did a great job on them!

The price listed sounds very reasonable at $300 - 550.

I checked out Liberty Suppressors and their 9mm suppressor upgrade is listed at $1,200.

Thanks for the suggestion.

You might just contact Gemtech. I had Silencerco rebuild one of theirs that I damaged, totally my fault, and they fixed it up for nuthin'.
We've done the Gemtech Trinity before. I'd have to find an invoice for what it ran and exactly what we did, but most centerfire cans do fall into the range mentioned above except when they're particularly large or get lots of titanium parts.

I can't find an image of a Trinity, but here's a Raptor 9. This one would have been on the high end with a new titanium cap and new booster assembly as well as the core. This customer opted not to refinish, liked the worn look: