SW 380 Bodyguard

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Apr 18, 2012
I am thinking about purchasing a SW 380 Bodyguard for CCW. I am looking for your feedback. Any thoughts.
what do you want to hear... it's a good gun but as a defense round the 380 does not have what it takes.
the 380's are striker fire and have a long trigger pull at 8 lbs.
I had a LCP and traded up to a glock 26.
the 380 has 200 ft lbs of enegry and the 9 mm has 340lbs... big difference for the same price of ammo
Best lightweight 380 option I found.

That includes LCP, P3AT, Sig238

I believe in single stack 9s, and carry one daily, but nothing rivals the BG in my eyes for sheer lack of weight and flawless performance.

Laser's a bit impractical, however, excepting dryfire practice.
I bought one and it's a decent gun, although the trigger is a big dsappointment to me. I figured it would get smoother with lots of dry fire but not so far. You would have thought Smith would have learned how to make a decent trigger by now.

It's very compact and very light so I give it a positive overall. For my life in the suburbs the .380 is plenty of gun for me to carry, although I do keep a BHP in .40 or an XD9 in the car.
Of all the small .380 Autos out there I also feel it's just about the best option. (with the possible exception of the Sig 238) For the price there is no comparison especially since the Laser is part of the handgun.
1) great size, especially for warm weather or pocket carry
2) mags are small enough that you can carry plenty of reloads
3) more accurate than you would think
4) the laser on my wife's actually pointed to where the bullet would hit!

1) take time to figure out how to grip it.. It's SMALL!
2) lacks the "stopping power". I'm still not standing in front of it!
3) not as accurate as a deer rifle, but, Hey, the barrel is tiny!
4) too much time to turn on laser. Stick up the bad guy's nose and pull trigger

It seems that most of the teething problems have been solved, BUT
(did I say, "BUT"?) make sure that the screw inside the frame that tightens down to hold the laser is tight! If it backs out, it will block up the works and jam the gun. Oh, it's a real bear to take down to clean the first few times.
I had one for awhile. I liked the size, it will fit in a pocket, and the sights are pretty good. The grip is a bit small but it’s a pocket gun so that’s to be expected.

I never got used to the trigger; too heavy and too long. I didn’t find the laser to be at all useful. It has a safety but it’s small and hard to use. I never used it as I doubt I would have been able to get it off under pressure.

I had no failures that I recall but I only ever loaded it with ball ammo. I never shot it that well; a combination of the trigger and size.

It’s not a striker fired as was posted above. It’s a DAO with a hammer that’s covered when at rest.

All in all, not a bad gun, just not what I was looking for.
I've only heard good things about the Bodyguard. I am very happy with my LCP, and my S&W 442 .38. There are some advantages to snubbies; if you have a chance, you should consider renting the 442 or 642. Good luck!
A buddy of mine got one.. his first gun. It fits the hand well and the trigger is perfect (I'm an "old" DA revolver shooter though), the safety is unnecessary. I thought the laser was hokey at first but the way most people carry a CT LCP is with the switch off so this pistol is actually many times faster to deploy. I just get a good firing grip and as the pistol is coming up, stab the button with my trigger finger and pow.. no lag at all.
He had problems doing this though so my gal showed him to use his off index finger to turn it on. I told him to always keep the safety off and to forget about the laser and focus on getting the first shots off quickly and accurately.
Anyway, I think it's a fine pistol.
It's ok as far as pocket .380s go. My buddy has one, I don't like the laser activation method or the trigger. My Sig P238 will shoot circles around it, but that comes at a bit of a cost and weight penalty.
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