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Sweet revenge!!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Steve Wynn, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Steve Wynn

    Steve Wynn Member

    Sep 3, 2006
    Have to share this story with you all.

    About 20-25 years ago, I wanted a 1911 to send down to Clark Custom guns to be converted to a Heavy Long Slide. For some of you, they extend the slide and barrel an inch and put on a Bomar rib with sights. I came across one just in time to ship it out for a deadline to make it back for a big shoot

    The gun was a 1941 military in 100% condition. Pristine, cherry, how else can I describe it. Knowing what it was worth, I had second thoughts about the extensive modifications that would make it shoot like a dream but destroy it's collectors value. So I took it to a large gun show and tried to trade it. New .45's at the time were a bit in short supply and only one dealer expressed any interest in it. My gun was worth more than a new commercial but he literally berated it and tried to steal it with an insulting offer. Declining, I packed it away and shipped it out Monday to Clark. Got it back just in time to take it to the next gun show. I was flagged down by the dealer who wanted to know if I still had the military .45. I answered in the affirmitive and opened up the gun case to show it to him. He almost cried when he saw what was done to it. I reminded him of his insulting offer and told him I knew what it was worth and told him it meant more to me this way and his reaction was icing on the cake for trying to take advantage of me. It still shoots fantastic.

  2. CAnnoneer

    CAnnoneer Member

    Jul 17, 2005
    Los Angeles County, CA
    Congratulations on a nice piece as well as good commercial skills.

    However, don't hold a grudge against the dealer. It's just business.

    Also, it is nice to post pics whenever one has done extensive modifications or talks about a collector piece.
  3. JCF

    JCF Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    Many years ago, as a teenager, I tried to trade off or sell a brand new MG-34 barrel to a couple of full-auto military collectors at a local show. They played games with me and tried to give me 10 dollars for it. :scrutiny: I walked away. Next gun show... 6 mos later... one of them came up to me in a tizzy and wanted to "finish negotiating". I explained to him that I removed the lug and had it cut into an 8x57 bull barrel for a mauser action I had lying around. I thought he was going to cry. I know it was just business... and I sort of feel bad for cutting the barrel, but it was kind of fun to play games back.
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