Tactical Solutions TSG-22 any experiences yet?

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Jan 7, 2011
Houston, TX
For the longest I was meddling over getting an advantage arms .22 conversion for one of my glocks. I see that midway has the tactical solutions threaded barrel kit for 350 as of when this was posted. I am just wondering if anyone has actually bought one of these yet. I am super impressed that it has a "14" round magazine and does a last shot hold open and can come from the factory with the ability to accept a can. The thing I DONT want to happen is wind up being a victim of a J.A. Ceiner type company. ( Its always hard being the first to try something new. If I have to I will ). Mainly I like that I can train with the correct number of rounds that are in my full size gun. For pennies. So any thoughts or comments???
I don't own a glock but it looks like a good deal. However I could never justify buying a conversion of any kind. Seems in most cases for $100-150 more you can get a whole other pistol chambered in .22lr. One of my examples would be that I joined the 1911 bandwagon with a RIA 1911-A1. Then I realized the price of ammo so I was looking at Kimber conversions for $350-400.....For that same price (a little less) I found the GSG 1911 .22lr. That is the way I will be going. Now for you I would look at one of these:


From what I have heard they are getting great reviews.
I feel that the biggest advantage of having the conversion kit is the idea that the trigger and muscle memory is exactly the same. That i feel is a good advantage with going with a conversion kit.
+1 to tactikewl's observations - the entire reason I have a .22 conversion kit for my M9 and a dedicated .22 upper for my M4gery - identical trigger time to centerfire, at a fraction of the price - and I can use my local 25 yard line.
I looked up the specs on the issc m22 it is not a striker fired weapon.. It has an external safety and decocker with a hammer. The trigger pull is about 4.4 pounds and it is a little thinner than a glock.... Again with the muscle memory thing.
I have to agree that the conversion kits/uppers are invaluable if you want to become proficient with your CF pistol. You get practice with your exact sight picture, weight balance, control location and , most importantly, trigger feel.

No mater how closely matched, even identical guns will have a different feel to their triggers
Yep - I have am ISSC G22, and it is NOT 1:1 to the Glocks. HOWEVER, if you leave the external safety in the 'off' position (or remove it, as I am considering doing) then transitions from a carbine to this 'pseudo-Glock' are close enough to have real training merit.

One of the best uses I've found for the G22 is just plain fun, plus introducing new shooters to semi-auto pistols with minimal recoil or muzzle blast to start with.
I had backordered it from Cabela's a couple of months ago. Interestingly, I just found out my credit card was charged for the order yesterday, which I assume means they received them. Hope to get it soon.
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