The DUO .25 acp ??? can you tell me about this pistol?

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Jan 17, 2003
I recently saw a DUO for sale, guy was asking $75... what can you folks tell me about it? Reliablity? parts available? accuracy?

It is DA, supposedly made in Czechoslovakia during the German occupation.
I already did a search and couldn't find anything... could you post a link to that thread?
yeah, that was me

I started that thread, and it was sorta helpful. No bad on anyone who answered: there just isn't a whole lot of info on the DUO to be had PERIOD.

Short of calling CZ, I am still looking into it. I found a copy of a book about the 'cz family' of pistols or whatever. I will look through it soon.

There is a shop out here that has a bunch of C&R tiny pistols on consignment. I will check to see if one of them is a DUO and will get some photo of dissasembly if I can.

Search under my name to find the thread.
please post any info you find as well!
We have some confusion here: The DUO was not a double-action pistol, but rather a copy of the 1906 FN/Browning. CZ did make some double-action-only (DAO) .25 pistols of they’re own design. The “1936 model†was produced from 1936 through 1940. These were commercial guns, but some might have been used by the Germans during World War Two. In 1945 CZ reintroduced a refined version called the “1945 model,†that is supposedly still made but can’t be exported to the United States because of the 1968 GCA. The Communists made a version of the 1945 model called the CZ-N.P. which in this country is a rare collectable that is seldom seen. They were/are good guns, but repair parts and magazines would be very hard to find.
If you want a good quality .25 pistol a DUO for $75 is a steal. Buy it quick!

I'm trying Jim ::fingers crossed::

I don't know if he still has it though, we'll see.
Today i put a gun in layaway until i could get the rest of the money and pay it off tomorrow.

What i picked up is a CZ .25 blued in about 90% condition,it looks like it may have fired 20 rounds if that.
It does say made in "Czechoslovakia" and also clearly stamped "CZ" and has a mark of "47" also.
The shop had it tagged as a "CZ NP-Pocket Duo" they are very reputable and pretty good at knowing their guns.

If anyone has anything they can tell me from that info id appreciate it,ill add a pic tomorrow once its picked up.
Oddly enough i have no use for this gun,but its sooooo cute and in such good shape i knew i could give it a good home.And if i dont like it as much as i think i will,ive seen enough CZ nuts around here im sure i can get my money back.

I just noticed Old Fuff said the "NP" is a rare collectible,at this time i cant verify that it is an NP as i just wrote down what the tag had said.Of course i had no idea to look for a NP designation.
Ill find out tomorrow anyhow when i pick it up.
Even if it isn't rare or collectible ill be just as happy,mainly since i like to carry and use all my guns.
If its valuable ill just have to sell it as im no collector,nor would i carry and devalue it.
Im sure someone else could appreciate it as a collectible as i wouldn't.
I just want to shoot and possibly carry it.

Im even more excited now about my new purchase :) and a little scared as i do want to use it and its hard for me to find guns that i just get a gut feeling about that "i have to own that".

I forgot to add,i paid $200 for it. Its in great shape with no rust or pitting and no scratches like it was carried.I looked for pics online and none i found was in as good as shape as this one is in.
Thanks for the link,ill be researching this gun as much as i can.
As for not having any use for it,i guess i can carry it as a 2nd bug.I have no faith what so ever in .25 caliber ballistically,but any gun does create fear in most people you point them at as they cant tell if its a .25 or a Rohrbaugh 9mm.
The CZ Duo was first made in 1926. WWII Nazi pistols draw a 40% premium. Prices range from $100-$250 according to the latest Blue Book of Guns. No idea about parts availability, but CZ manufactures some fine weapons and always have. Most that I've seen listed are overpriced these days. For a .25ACP it should be a decent, if underpowered, pistol.
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I believe it to be made in 1947 as it had "47" stamped on it,but i may be wrong on what it actually means.It would also mean its not a Nazi pistol.
With the Blue Book prices you listed id say i paid an average price as this gun is about 90%,which i couldn't believe in such an old gun.
I will be shooting it just as much as i shoot my other guns,so i hope it can handle that and i believe it can without it breaking parts.I guess if something did break it would need to have a part handmade by a smith.

I agree its way underpowered,my .380 is as low as i feel comfy carrying for CCW.
But as a bug wich its so small it could go places my Sig P238 cant fit.
I would never carry it alone as a main gun,no way,no how.
Even my P238 is 95% of the time a bug,and i try and not use it as a main gun unless i dont have time to holster up.

But you never know,once i shoot it i may be impressed more by the round as the .380 did that to me also.It used to be 9mm was as small as id carry.
I have the gun in hand and will post pics this evening once i can clean the gun up,it wont take long since its in such good shape.

From what i can tell it truly is a "NP" which stands for "Narodni Podnic" wich is stamped on the side.
It appears to be made in 1947 also.
"Ceska Zbrojovka" and "Strakonice" "6.35" and made in "Czechoslovakia" are all stamped on the left side with a 5 digit seriel number on the right side.

Im pretty sure this webpage tells the story of the gun:

The model i take it is the CZ vz45 -NP
I will not shoot this gun until im more clear of its historical value or rarity,id hate to destroy that by using it if thats the case.
But i did buy a box of ammo,so im ready to try it out when i can.




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Congrats on the new piece; seems to be in great condition:)
I like the look of them; a photo of one was posted in the "Show your .25s" thread.

FWIW: in the link I posted earlier, the author suggests:
"The only weakness I’ve found in the vz 45 is a brittle firing pin (like its younger cousin the vz 52). This gun should never be dry fired."

Yes,i saw that when i got the gun home today,and remember the salesman just going nuts dry firing it because he liked the smooth pull and trying to decide if it was a SA or DA gun.
But yeh ill definitely not be dry firing it.
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