The Long Lost Upside Down Toschi/Bullitt Rig

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Dec 29, 2002
Los Anchorage
I've seen Bullitt and Zodiac recently, and though these are more procedural dramas than action flicks they both got me interested in the Detective Dave Toschi style upside-down rig. IIRC Safariland came out with a commercial version for a few years in the 70's and 80's but I've never seen one in the flesh. I heard one former LEO say he had such a rig but ceased using it after he heard reports/rumors that magnums were falling out after leaps over fences and the like.

The only current maker of an upside-down rig I know of is Ken Null, who makes the modern version of the deep concealment seventrees rig. I like his a lot, but what I'm after is a much larger leather rig for a full size magnum wheelgun or even a big single action that would rest barrel-up.

Does anyone know of a commercial or custom maker of such a rig?
I have a Null for a 2" J frame, but my P220's and P229's actually work in it pretty well. I believe Null wont make, or at least doenst recommend them for a single action auto though, due to the trigger guard thing..
Back when... both Bianchi and Safariland made the rig for revolvers, but the design originated with Brens-Martin. One user of a Safariland holster was Rex Applegate, who was set up for either a S&W J-frame 2" or model 19-2 1/2".

Recently our fellow member, Robbt was advertising an off-brand outfit for sale, but it was for a Detective Special.

I don't remember ever seeing one made for a revolver with a barrel length over 3 inches, and the pouch doesn't work with pistols because the leather is formed to support the gun around the back of the trigger guard.
Old Fluff--thanks for that heads up! I'm trying to snag that pup right now. It doesn't appear to have sold. A double rig with the inverted Colt DS on the right arm and Ruger Speed on the left (for rh draw) would be minty fresh.
A hunting partner of mine carried a little S&W in one. Never saw the benefit personally. He was never any quicker with it than any other shoulder rig I have ever seen and he carried it all the danged time. Seems he had a fear of snakes. :D
"Upside-down" revolver shoulder rigs?

Ken Null, check.

Rusty Sherrick's version of the Brown Shoe Co. revolver rig, check.

Lou Alessi's Guardian rig, check.

BTW, Lou's is a gem, and unlike the other two, it's a "balanced" rig.
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