Thoughts on the 450 Bushmaster

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Apr 22, 2008
so i dont usually jump on board with "fad" calibers but i really want this one!
its a 250-300 gr. bullet or so pushed to about 2100 fps. its an AR style rifle that can take a .223 upper if i want (and have).

so, has anyone had experience with one? if not then opinions welcome! (but i dont want to hear anything about "there are other older things that will do the job!") i know this and this is just for fun and some hunting!
nah...i just want this one. just wanted to know its hunting and fun-of-shooting details.
My Dad has one, and it is a very accurate shooter. He consistently shoots 1/4"-3/4" groups with it at 100 yards. This is with the Hornady ammo. Dad is working on reloads with it, and they are shooting just as tight. If you have the money, go get one!!!
It's a hog masher! Reloading is highly recommended. I don't care much for the Hornady hollow points, use truncated cone bullets, they're cheaper and penetrate much better.

sorry for the drift in advance, but i am also interested in a 450 bushmaster and was wondering if somebody might tell me if the bullets are a .458 diameter, or...? as a handloader, i need to know my bullet source before i spring for one of these...
As I understand it, the .450 Bushmaster uses .454 bullets rather than the .458 bullets of the .458 SOCOM.
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The 450 Bushmaster was one of the top 2 when I was looking for a thumper AR. I ended up going with the Beowulf and have been happy with it. I also here those with the 450 Bushmaster have been pleased with them too.
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