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To sight, or not to sight

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by springmom, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. springmom

    springmom Member

    Dec 20, 2005
    Spring TX
    I'm sitting here waiting for the delivery man and grumbling under my breath that I'm not out shooting my new and newly-repaired SRH. It's the big one (somebody called it the Bugs Bunny gun, LOL), 9 1/2 inches. (I wanted something that will totally tame recoil, and I expect it will do that.)

    The question I have for you all: should I get a scope for this thing? Here are the parameters: I almost always hunt in the Sam Houston National Forest, which is primarily thick brush and short, twisty deer trails. Where I was set up Thursday afternoon, the distance from my blind to the scrape I was watching was 20-25 yards and the distance down the other dogleg of the trail was no more than that. At that range, a scope seems kind of silly (even on my rifle!)

    OTOH, I want every edge I can have to make sure and get a clean quick kill on a deer or pig. And if a scope of some sort, even a little 2x red dot or some such, would improve that, I'll shell out for it.

    But I don't want to buy one if I don't need it. I'm thinking I'll see how I do at the 20 yard range over a few times shooting it before I decide. But I also wanted y'all's input....for those who hunt with a .44 mag, do you use a scope and if so, at what distances? And opinions on an appropriate scope are most welcome. (Price is an issue, so no super expensive ones are possible.)


  2. critter

    critter Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    southeast AR
    I just took a 6-point whitetail with my Ruger Blackhawk Hunter .44 Mag at 65 yards. Used 240 gr Rem hollowpoint over a good deal of H110 which gives me very good accuracy.

    As an 'old codger', I NEED the help of optics. I have a TC 4X on my Ruger and it works very well for me. I used to have a Redhawk upon which I had a 2X which was ok, but I like the 4X better. They can, however, get TOO CLOSE for the 4X! I've had it happen-makes it hard to 'pick the spot' when everything through the scope shows hair.

    I have also shot with a red-dot some. It works, too, but for me the 4X is what I prefer. They sure seem to help with a clear sight picture and therefore exact shot placement which you need when handgun hunting.

    My opinion? Scope it and practice till you get used to using the scope. You need to be able to pick up the sight picture quickly and you need to learn to deal with the apparant 'wiggle' through the scope.

    Good luck cause handgun hunting is a blast!
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