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Took a friend shooting today!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by yhtomit, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. yhtomit

    yhtomit Member

    May 27, 2006
    E. Tennessee
    Today I went shooting with a pal of mine, his first time. (We worked together many summers ago and have remained in contact, usually say Hi in person at least once a year.) Dennis ended up firing only a few cylinders worth of .45ACP through my S&W 625, and a mag or two through the XD-45; I showed him before we went to the range how each of them operates, and (he's a smart fellow and knew of the basic rules, but still) emphasized the importance of muzzle direction, ear and eye protection, respect for the (luckily uncrowded -- one other shoote) range, etc.

    Though he'd never fired a handgun (or rifle) before, he said the recoil was approximately what he'd expected, or even slightly less -- that was one reason I had him use the heavy 625 first. He enjoyed the feel of its single-action trigger especially. Though I've fired few revolvers, the completely stock trigger on my 625 is one of my favorites of any gun I've ever fired, and it's only gone through a few hundred rounds in sum, so it should still be breaking in ;)

    We got a late start to the day, including getting the run-around on some ammo, so we actually didn't stay that long -- though I could have stayed for a few hours, it was enough noise and recoil for Dennis on his first time shooting, which is understandable.

    However, he had a good time overall, and I'd certainly rather cut and run at that point than spend as much time as I otherwise might plinking with the .22 ;)

    (Addendum Re the ammo: not only did the local location of Dicks quote me the wrong price over the phone -- lower by a dollar per box of 50 than it really is -- I got mischarged at the checkout by a dollar higher still, and only noticed a few minutes later, had to wait in line to get this cleared up. Also, wouldn't sell me at the case price the only .45 ammo they had in stock advertised as being available at a lower price for 10 boxes -- because they had only three of them! Even though I was willing to pay for 10 if they *had* had them, and had called just to find out about what ammo was on special ... Not my favorite customer experience, and I've found typical of at least that location of Dicks. However, to the store's credit, they did eventually agree to honor the price they'd quoted me on the phone for the 9mm, and the customer service fellow agreed that it was obnoxious to advertise the .45 as available at a certain price, but refuse to honor it because of the store's low stock on the boxes they *did* have -- just not obnoxious enough to bother acting on. And while not the store's fault, the pair of low-end Remington earmuffs we picked up were broken, out of the box, and we returned them after coming back from the range; luckily we'd also picked up some foam plugs. I chose to go buy my .45 from Gander Mountain down the road, where I spent a few dollars more but didn't feel like I'd been misled.)

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