Top break revolvers

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Mar 10, 2007
SE Oklahoma
I am looking for a 32 S&W caliber top break revolver to play around with. I have been given almost 2,000 pieces of brass and dies for 32 S&W. Does anyone here have any input or experience with the older top break revolvers? Which of the cheaper old guns( Iver Johnson, H+R, etc) are the better ones? I would like to stick with an older top break gun just for the nostalgia factor. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
A friend of mine has two Smith "gambler guns" in that caliber. I researched for him, and almost all modern reloading books recommend a thorough inspection by a 'smith before any firing of modern loads. Looking further, the "weak" published loads are just a tad better than a .22LR rimfire in muzzle energy. As a collector item, OK. As a shooter, NO.
Sad, because I like the very concept of top-break, as in the also-old Schofield. Sometimes reality bites.
If you want something different you might track down a Merwin Hulbert. I believe that they will fire 32 S&W, although they were originally chambered for 32 MH.

I have one chambered in 38 S&W that is great fun at the range.
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