Uberti Cattleman II

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deadeye dick

Mar 5, 2010
Easley S.C.
Was at Cabelas today checking out the Cattleman .357 brass models. Noticed they had the Cattleman II. Is this a new design of the old model Cattleman? Also will it shoot .38 sp also like my Blackhawk? Thought up these questions after I left the store so i'm asking here.

Happy turkey day to all.
The Cattleman II features a trigger actuated transient firing pin on the hammer to theoretically prevent AD/ND if resting on a live round. Most purists are not fond of it, but some people like to be able to load six and treat it like a New Model Blackhawk.
I had a 1995-vintage Uberti SAA .45 Colt replica with a 4 5/8” barrel. It was a nice gun, fit and finish were very good, some color case hardening on the frame, etc. IMHO Uberti makes some nice stuff for sure.

Many years ago I sold it to a friend who moved to far Northern Idaho as a carrying-about piece on his patch of land. As far as I know it’s still 4-clicking along :thumbup:.

Stay safe.
While I like the idea of a more true to form 1873 that can theoretically load 6 six up, I'm not too keen on all the moving pieces.

For me, if I want to carry 6, I'll pack a Blackhawk. If I want to get the 4 click action of a Colt clone, I'll stick with the Pietta Great Western II.

The Cattleman are finely made. I do like the workman finish on them, but I'm not super jazzed about the new safety.

As others have said, .38 special is fine out of any .357.
deadeye dick

I have an older Beretta Stampede (made by Uberti), in .45 Colt and it uses the transfer bar firing system. It's very well built and nicely finished. I still load 5 rounds out of habit as I have a couple of vintage Ruger Single Actions that have the older lock work.

I've got a Cimarron version (Cattleman II) in 45 Colt w/the floating firing pin. Have put nearly 1k rounds through it since I got it (about a year) and no problems. For the range it's fine...but I would never trust any safety (other than a transfer) if I were carrying with all 6 loaded...but that's just me.

However, all else being equal I would prefer the traditional 4 clicks just because.
Thanks for all the good info. and input. I have a Stallion in .22-22 mag and like it a lot. Fit and finish are great and it shoots well. Like the brass look also. Howie

This new design was introduced about three years ago. As the older Cattlemen with a fixed firing pin in the hammer are bought up, the newer model, with the floating firing pin will be the only type Uberti is shipping.

I got a chance to shoot a couple of them a couple of years ago. One worked fine, the other was a bit problematic. If the trigger was yanked with authority, it fired every time. However the owner, a small woman, was used to squeezing the triggers on her revolvers very slowly, like a good target shooter, until the gun fired. She kept getting misfires with her trigger technique. I tried her technique of a slow pull, increasing pressure slightly until the hammer fell, and sure enough I go a few failures to fire too.

I suspected there was something inside, perhaps a burr, preventing the firing pin from extending all the way when the trigger was pulled. Seeing as it was not my revolver, I did not get a chance to tear it apart, so do not know what the final resolution was.
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