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  1. dogmush

    dogmush Member

    May 7, 2008
    I like to let people know when a business does right by me, especially as the internet seems to be full of negative reviews.

    I got to the point this summer where I was confident enough in my Sig 229 that I wanted to carry it, and started looking for a new holster. I usually grab a cheap kydex when I get a new gun I think I might want to carry, but for EDC I find leather MUCH more comfortable, so if a gun is going to get more than occasional belt time I get a nice holster for it. I have several brands for different guns, and have a good idea what I like. So for this sig I went for a snap on OWB much like my Alessi CQC-S, but hopefully without the price and wait time.

    I found UBG holsters online on one of these forums, and their "Regulator" looked pretty close. For what Sig charges I felt this pistol deserved a nice home so I ordered up a black Regulator with Black Shark trim. With the $10 discount for orders over $100 it was $137.95 shipped. This not being my first made to order leather holster I made the order on July 12 and promptly forgot about it.

    The website's front page had a wait time on it when I ordered, but they changed the wait time on July 29th to 3-5 weeks. I really think I recall like 6-8 weeks when I ordered. Which isn't all that bad for good leather. About Sep 9-10 I thought about the holster again but didn't get around to e-mailing them. On Sep 14, just over 8 weeks from order, a box showed up with not only my Regulator, but a brown Canute IWB 229 holster with a note stuffed in it that read "Bonus". !??! OK then. I guess they exceeded the stated wait time by a couple days, but I had not even fired off an e-mail yet.

    I broke them both in and carried them for a bit now. Both holsters are very well built, well finished, and pretty comfy. The IWB suffers from having a doublestack Sig stuffed in your pants, but the Regulator is exactly what I wanted. Great retention. Draws well. looks good. Makes my pistol disappear under an untucked short. The snaps on both are strong, hold well, but still come off when you want them to without a struggle.

    Even better, since I only have one 229, the IWB fits my project P6 pretty dang well. It looks at home in there.

    So if you want some really nice leather work, and great customer service, I highly recommend UBG holsters. Good products, good company, all around a good buying experience. I'll buy more leather from him.

  2. BobWright

    BobWright Member

    Feb 11, 2014
    Memphis, Tennessee
    I appreciate your report on this holster maker. I have never seen so many enter into the field as now, and many are very good holsters.

    My problem is that most holster makers will not deviate from their standard patterns and try a custom made rig. I've found only one, so far, who will incorporate my ideas into a holster.

    Bob Wright

    MICHAEL T Member

    Feb 3, 2004
    outback Kentucky
    Nate is a member on my Bersachat board. Years back he started making holsters for Bersa owners as no other maker could be bothered back then .
    Now every holster I own and use is a UBG for Bersa, 1911 ,and other guns UBG is the one I choose .

    Give him a try.
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