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Feb 28, 2006
Well, I went to a gun show for the first time in a few years. I had the day off, an there was a "Big show" (thats how it was advertised) at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas.

First it was $3.00 to park. Now I know thats not a lot, but everywhere else in Vegas (except the airport) its free parking! So the $3 took me for surprise.

Then it was $12.00 to get in the door! I was expecting like 5 or 7, not 12.

OK, so I pony up the dough and go in. I was expecting a really "BIG" show, but it was only 1/2 the hall. While it probably had at least 50 or so vendors, I was expecting more than that at a "BIG" show.

I walked the aisles looking for deals, and good stuff. No such luck. :mad: There were only 2 gun dealer there that had realistic prices on guns, and they were both about the same as my local gun stores. They would not deal or bargain, as the guns were already "Priced low for the show!". The rest of the dealers there were just plain crooks! Sure. I'll pay $475 for a Mosin that looks like it actually survived the battle of Stalingrad! Oh, and while you are at it, give me one of those USED Glock 17s for $500 as well. Throw in a box of RELOADED 9mm for $12 and you got a deal! Wait, I have got to get me a used Mossberg 500 for $375 as well. :eek:

Another thing was there were more knives (mostly cheap crap) and swords there, than guns or gun accessories! They should really call it a cheap knife and crappy sword show.

Two other things bothered me at the show. The first was that more than a few dealers had the word "assault" in their advertising. One banner said "Your assault gun headquarters". I don't think the ANTIs need any more help.

The other thing that bothered me was how "weird" (for lack of a better word) many of the patrons who attended the show were. I was embarrassed to be seen inside the place with most of them. While there were a few normal looking and acting folks, and 2 or 3 families, most of the patrons reminded me of Psychos, Mall Ninjas, Tactical wannabees , or just plain creepy guys.

On the positive side, they did have a good fast system to buy a gun at the show. If you were a state resident, they ran gun deals through a local pawn shop that had a large booth set up just for purchases and background checks (none needed if you had an in state CCW).

Another plus was I got to see a GYROJET pistol for the first time. Also, I finally got my hands on an FN FS2000 bullpup rifle. (drool!) I really like it! Good balance, very ergonomic, and big cool factor. And this from a M14 guy!

I did buy an extra 13 round magazine for my High Power for $10.00 while I was there. I figure I either spent $25 on the mag (with entry and parking) or $10 on the mag and $15 to play with the FS2000! Either way I came out behind!

I think I'll stick to my local gun stores.
Typically in LV, the Jan/Feb shows that are nearer to, or coincide with the SHOT show (when it is held in LV) and the LV Classic Knife show are the shows to go to. Crossroads being somewhat larger than Claude Hall's. Even the, there are a lot of "jerky" dealers present.

Much prefer the drive up to Reno for their Big Gun Show held at the Hilton or a trip back to the Midwest for any of the Tulsa shows, tho' that means you've got to have your local FFL lined up for handgun purchase/transfers should you find something worthwhile (you can almost always find something worthwhile at the Tulsa shows).

Tho' I do like walking thru the Wallace Beinfield shows when they come to town.
A LOT more pricey things to behold and their Jan show is usually larger than the Sept show (which is coming up at the end of the month) with zero "jerky" dealers in attendance.

There's usually a pretty good "Cowboy" type show held in conjunction with the December SASS/NFR goings on, if six guns, lever actions and coach guns are on your list of fun things to ponder.

Used to be the SOF magazine annual convention had excellent shows, but I think they decided pickin's were better elsewhere for a number of reasons.
Every time that I have gone to one of the shows at the Cashman Center I have left with a sense of disappointment. Sure, the aisles are wide, and the atmosphere is fairly light, but the prices are at least $100 above the shows in my area (Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound in Western Washington). The shows that I attend are free parking, $4 to $7 entry fee, and pretty well organized.

I find the shows in LV an excellent way to spend some time between checking into my hotel/resort and when the room is actually ready. Las Vegas may be the fastest growing city in the country, but the dearth of gun shows (how many a year, six?) seems pretty thin when I have three a month to select from without going East of the Cascades.
A couple of years ago, one of the local shows here had a booth advertising "The ORIGINAL ASSAULT WEAPON." ... Slingshots. :D

Gun shows

It sounds like the same type of gun shows that are here in Arkansas anymore. I remember when you would go to a gun show and you could find deals everywhere. Now the only deal you can find are on cheaply made Chinese knives with dragons head or buy some jerky and the jerky man throws in one of his key rings for free. The last gun show that I attended in the great state of Arkansas, there was absolutely no deals, not even on the jerky.
I think if we stopped paying these prices and started shopping more locally, they may dropped these outrageous prices and maybe even have a deal or two for us. Who knows.
Got my M44 for $150 at a gun show down in FL, no deals there either besides Spikes Tactical lowers($99 with backround check thing)...I saw one vendor trying to sell a guy an SKS for $500 something dollars. I almost said something, although I don't know why I didn't.

Nothing like the one I went to with my Dad years ago...
It is way hard to find deals at gun shows anymore. When I lived in Denver, I loved the Tanner shows, found some great deals there, don't know if there still are deals at that show. But even in 2003, the last time I went, the show had deteriorated. Some cool exhibitors from out of state that used to be there with antique items and things had quit coming.
Gun show

Deer hunter, deer hunter, deer hunter. My friend you should have said something. Not to the man looking to buy, but to the a-hole trying to take this working mans hard earned bucks. Next time you see this happening, send the intended victim, excuss me, Buyer to me. I have one I will sell him for $400, and will throw in 20rnds. of ammo for free.;)
I, too, was at the Claude Hall gunshow this past weekend. Yep, typical Claude Hall. A ton of black rifles, old WWII long guns, a bunch of Glocks, Sigs, S&W's, Colts, Berettas, Bersa's, even Kel Tecs, a ton of Remington 870's, Winchester Model 12's, 94's, and 70's, Browning A-5's, even some Perrazi's and other Euro shotguns. Heck I even saw some Ithaca's (rifles and shotguns)!!

What more do you want???? Sure the prices are what the dealer thinks he can get for them cuz he's probably from Cali and can't sell them there. They all think that those of us that live in LV are high rollers so the prices are up there, but so is the variety. If you want a cheap Kimber, this ain't your show. If you want a nice used upland scattergun you had choices from $129 on up!

Cross Roads of the West comes to town about twice a year, not bad but the prices aren't very negotiable, there was a "Small Arms Review" gun show at the South Point Casino about a week ago, a lot of pretty cool militaria and mil spec long guns...prices weren't very buyer friendly either.

Folks it's the times we live in. Think of a gunshow as a place to meet and see those who have the same interests that we do (even the Mall Ninjas & Tactical Terry's--of course if you're of the Jim Zumbo school of objectivity, maybe it scares you to see the future).

Stop by the NRA table or the table supporting youth shooting. Visit with the vendors instead of dissing them. I had a great visit with the main book seller there and he put me onto a couple of manuals that weren't too spendy and were very informative.

I don't buy much at any of these shows, but I wouldn't miss one on a bet. Oh, just so you know. The $3 parking and $12 entry is pretty much dictated by the venue. The gun shows primarily are covering the cost of the hall by the $12 and the City of Las Vegas gets most of that revenue as well as all the parking.
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