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Victory Model or Colt Official Police?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by wickedsharp, Sep 6, 2008.


S&W Victory Model - or - Colt Official Police

  1. 4" S&W Victory Model .38 special

  2. 4" Colt Official Police .38 special

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  1. wickedsharp

    wickedsharp Member

    Feb 11, 2008
    I am going to look at two guns tomorrow morning.
    I don't have very many details (serial number range, markings, etc..) yet, but they are:

    4" Victory Model S&W in .38 special.
    4" Colt Official Police in .38 special.

    I've seen pictures, and they both appear to be in superb condition. I'm told they are both in original (not refinished) condition and 100% mechanically. The Colt appears to have a deep polished blue finish (shiny), and the Victory is the parkerized looking flat finish.

    I can only pick one of them.

    Assuming I don't see something that makes one obviously more valuable than the other, which one is generally more desireable and why?

    Whichever I choose is going to get shot pretty frequently.
  2. Shade00

    Shade00 Member

    Apr 29, 2008
    Ruston, Louisiana & Jackson, Mississippi
    I would say that the Victory Model is probably the more 'collectable' of the two - Victory Models in good shape are on the rise. However, don't discount Colts. The Official Police has the great old Colt lockup, and an example in fine shape is a great shooter.

    Of course, I don't know if I could choose between the two. With any luck your purchase will be guided by what you actually see when you get them in your hands. I would MAYBE choose the Official Police if it was in excellent+ condition. But I just couldn't say.
  3. Kleanbore

    Kleanbore Moderator

    Aug 13, 2008
    Two things that might be of interest to you: the Colt will handle +P loads, which are not recommended for the Victory model; and the Smith will likely have a smoother double action pull. Try both in single and double action, and then consider condition inside and out.
  4. PRM

    PRM Member

    Apr 14, 2008

    I had both guns over the years - For their era, both were top of the line guns. Both will still do the job today. Guess I'm old fashioned - but I still like the wheel guns.

    In fact in the mid-seventies, when I first got into law enforcement - we were required to furnish our own guns. The department guidelines for the agency I worked for, as well as a lot of others at that time mandated a Colt or S&W 4 inch, 38 Special or .357. No exceptions (kind of funny now).

    You can't go wrong with either if they are in good shape. Go with the one that feels best to you.
  5. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    I didn't choose in the poll due to no experience with the Victory Model or as a collector (if that's where your interest is).

    I do have a 1930 Official Police with a six inch barrel that's I enjoy shooting very much. Nice, smooth trigger in a medium weight revolver.
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