VID: Kid shoots himself with a Full-Auto Glock.

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The main concern I would have with contacting the slide in that manner is slowing the cycling and causing a failure. It may never happen at the range, but you do odd things under stress.

I don't agree with this one. I was trained to wrap my support hand around strong hand and let my support thumb ride the slide. Sounded scary to me at first, but now that's the only way I can shoot. Never come close to an injury.

Really? The groove for the slide catch(eg 1911) doesn't bite you when your thumb is resting on it?
He definatly shot himself. I'm putting off some work, and decided to play around a little. I grabbed the video, and pulled screenshots.

dag01.jpg shooting

dag02.jpg still shooting

dag03.jpg grip comes off

dag04.jpg I'd guess it is here or the pic above he hits his hand

dag05.jpg Almost got he his wrist too



dag08.jpg pistol about to go out of frame

dag09.jpg I'd bet he's sweeping all his buds from here on



dag12.jpg digging the stylin eye protection

dag14.jpg New hole

dag15.jpg grip on the ground

I'd say he's lucky he only hit himself once in a pretty fixable spot, and didn't shoot anyone else in the process

This is probably the owner of the 18.

I would tell him, screw it on tight, i.e. the forend grip. Still a bad idea, no matter how tight it is though.
silverlance said:
Enough conscripts lost their fingers to escaped gas during the turn of the last century that the Russian military required their 7.62 Nagant pistol to have a gas-sealing cylinder design.

Excuse me, but do you have a corroborating source for this?

Perfectly believable thing, but then so is the fact* that Michael Jackson has an elevator phobia and won't go near one.

*Friend and I just made that one up recently.
You can clearly hear "Did you get shot?" then "...Yeah..."

I feel bad for him but damn if it's not stupid to have a grip like that attached where your hand is out so close to the muzzle. Seems in fact as if part of his hand extends past the muzzle. In hindsight I bet they feel stupid.
A lot of the problem (as I mentioned on YouTube) is that the idiot was shooting with his elbow bent so all the recoil was being exerted on the foregrip. Idiots and guns don't go together :scrutiny:
I watched it in slow motion several times and dont really see him getting hit, don't see a what appears to be a hole, and don't see anything resembling blood on the ground.

What I hear is some kid calmly replying "yeah" to an impromptu question of "did you get shot?"

Now if anyone here has been shot and can attest to being very calm afterwards, with a 9mm hole in their body, maybe I'll believe he actually got shot.

But think about how he would have gotten hit. It wouldn't be a clean hole through the web of hsi hand, that was clenched around around the foregrip. If it would have hit the web of his hand, odds are it would have either gone through his hand, messing up all the bone structure or gone through a finger, messing it up completely. I do see the small black dot people consider a bullet hole, but am not convinced myself that it is an actual bullet hole and not something else or a lighting issue.

I don't think he was actually shot.
Now if anyone here has been shot and can attest to being very calm afterwards, with a 9mm hole in their body, maybe I'll believe he actually got shot.
Wasn't me personally who was shot, but I did personnally see a guy brought into the ER into the bed next to me who had taken multiple (like 6 or 7, you could literally see the little holes when they cleaned him up) smaller caliber rounds to HIS FACE, and he was perfectly calm and collected talking to the doctors, nurses, and cops.Seemed a bit peeved at he guy who shot him, but wasnt so much as moaning, crying, nothing.Shock, anger, and adrenalin can do some AMAZING things.Its pretty common for someone who gets a traumatic injury (like cutting off a finger,toe,spike into thier head etc) to be perfectly calm and not even feel any pain until quite a while afterwards.Happend to my uncle last year when he cut off his pinky between the knukles (I TOLD him lawyers have no business messing with power tools:evil::neener:).Was apparently perfectly calm, and said he felt nothing until after he got to the ER.Freaky, but true.
The guy is so casual when he answers if he's been shot, too.

"Did you get shot?"

"Yeah . . ."

(Like it happens all the time, you know?)
Shock does funny things, and I've got no trouble at all believing that someone who was just shot could act like this; I once managed to run a 1/4" drill-bit through most of one of my fingers, and when it happened, all I could feel was a dull, hot throbbing pain creeping up my arm. After I got it washed out and stuffed the curlicues of meat back into the hole, it started to hurt like you wouldn't BELIEVE, but right when it happened (as in the viedo), no problem.
I watched it before reading the thread, expecting to see his hand get stitched with multiple rounds.

And I bet it was a range rental or SOT demo, combined with the shooter accidentily touching the release mechanism for the vertical foregrip.

I got myself in the face once with an airgun pellet that bounced off the backstop I was shooting at...I'd imagine a real bullet would be somewhat more unpleasent...
DO NOT allow any part of your body be covered by any part of the cylinder

An exception would be in silhouette shooting where I've seen guys lying on their back, knees up, revolver against their thigh/calf. In that case they had a thick piece of leather draped over their leg to protect from hot gasses.
Hand was out there... Personally, when I shot a similar weapon, I just held it like a 1911, and the push/pull method worked very nicely to keep all the rounds on target.

From what I saw, I think he either punched through the web of his thumb, or managed a grazing wound. I think that grazing might be a little more likely.

Newp... Watched it a few more times... Definitely puncture, and the wall probably caught the round. Looks like the thing twisted on him when stuff let loose. If he's lucky, it just got meat. Good thing it was a FMJ too...

My analysis: He was doing the opposite of what he should have been doing. Pushing forward on the front handgrip, and pulling backward on the butt.

Probably a rental gun at a range. Their insurance just went up.
To me it looked like the grip broke off, his forward hand stayed in place but he lost control of the gun, sweeping his still-stationary forward hand, shooting himself through the wrist and out the back of his hand by the thumb, causing the exit wound we see in the video.

He definitely shot himself. The gun was too far away to be a slide bite. A powder burn would be on his left wrist, not the back of his left hand.
Hey, if you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough... and he seemed pretty tough.

"You shoot yourself?"


"That sucks, dude."

"Tell me about it... so hey, where are we eating for lunch?"

"Don't bleed on your kicks, bro."

*most of that conversation was completely imagined... but I'd wager pretty accurate*

I try not to do stupid things with guns... but I don't know if I'd be so stoic if I put 115 grains of FMJ through my left hand web.

More like belligerent and inconsolable.
My crazy girlfriend has been talking up those full auto glocks ever since she saw Ermey shoot one on Mail Call. "Why don't you have one of those? You know I want one. Get one." It matters nothing to her that there are only a handful in private ownership (if any according to Mail Call), or that it's a wildly inaccurate goofy experiment of a gun, or that it would cost a kingly sum to buy and to operate. Maybe this video will finally put the idea out of her head. It's sure put the idea of full auto pistols out of my head, semiauto will be fine for me thank you very much!
One user asked me for corroborating evidence that escaping gas will bust your thumb. Another said that there is a certain tactical technique that requires you to put your leg in front of the receiver. Here's a picture for both of you. Warning: This is NOT going to help your appetite or sexual potency. It is a picture of what happens when you put your thumb in front of a hand cannon with lots of escaping gas.

And in this video, a hapless shooter discovers that the slide is not really a good place to put your thumb. Well trained operators who have been taught to shoot that way in the special forces are excepted.

And, add another lesson to the rules above.
6. DO NOT allow your fingers, eyes, or ears to cover the ejection port of a handgun. This is especially true in the event of a malfunction. The stuck round WILL cook off when you least expect it. The slamfiring round out of battery WILL blow up your fingers if you are racking the slide by wrapping your entire hand around the slide.
Well, its official, I won't be using a forward grip on my glock, even though it isn't full auto I don't think I could trust one. Its just putting your hand toooo close to the muzzle.
Anyone else agree?
The powers that be agree too, as it becomes an AOW if you stick a vertical foregrip on a pistol, so even if you don't hole yourself you can get an all expense paid trip to club fed unless you do it legally.
One thing I like about the design of the MP5K (and some other little guns) is that nub that hooks in front of your support hand finger to prevent your hand from sliding too far forward and in front of the muzzle.
The "creedmore" position used by silhouette shooters is seen below, but it didn't take many pairs of ruined jeans to figure out that they needed a rubber or leather pad to divert the gas escaping from the barrel/cylinder gap.

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