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Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Bartojc, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Feb 6, 2014
    I had been looking for an alternative to my electronic ear muffs for a while. Most like the Peltor 3M and others seem up around the $300 mark so I've held off and used my muffs with added protection of plugs at time under them. A couple weeks ago I saw the Walker R600 rechargeable buds at Optics Planet for ~$137. I see they are no longer that price.



    Since information on these seems to be limited I thought I would do a quick review in hopes that it would help someone looking for them.

    The buds come with the case which is actually a battery that charges the buds. You then charge the case with a USB. Supposedly the case holds enough to fully charge the buds 4+ times. The proof will be over time to see if this works. I have not had them long enough but at least new charge time seems to be quick although I have not used the buds more than 90 minutes at any given time.

    The buds come with 3 sets of foams and 3 sized locking fins so that you can swap things around to get something that works for you. It took a little bit but I found something that seems to work for me. Also putting them on before turning the sound on makes it easier to be able to tell how good of a seal you are getting.

    The first time I used them was around the yard and house using power equipment. They seemed to work as well as muffs so I was somewhat pleased, but I was hoping for more. Last week I took them with me for an indoor range session. This made me like them even more. They were definitely better than just plain muffs. The electronic hearing was clearer than my electronic muffs, but the most important was the seal I got with the buds. I really felt like I was getting better protection. They are extremely comfortable, you barely know they are in. Easy to turn on, independent volume control, they actually amplify sounds if you turn up the volume.

    Some of the downsides could be battery life. Time will be the true test because once batteries to not last long enough I'll be stuck with expensive ear plugs. With replaceable batteries you can replace the batteries. You are basically trading convenience of rechargeable for life span of something with replaceable batteries. Another con is that they are pricy. Notice on the Walker sight they have a suggested price of $249. At that price I would probably not buy them. Others in the same market are more. They may worth it for some folks but not me. At under $150 I bit and so far I see value there. I see Optics Planet is not offering that price any more. Maybe they will in the future or maybe I got a lucky deal.

    I hope this helps someone looking at these. Information seems limited on them. They also offer a blue tooth model which allows you to hook your phone via BT to them. I had no interest in that but I suspect they work similarly.

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