Warning on Uncle Mike's Sidekick Holsters

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Dec 30, 2002
Erath Co., TX
I was preparing for a hunting trip the other day. I was threading a belt through the plastic belt loop thingy on the back of a Sidekick holster. The plastic crumbled in my hands.

This particular holster is about 10 years old, stored in the house and only used occasionally when I want the Security Six at my side. I have another one, same vintage, just different size, and it appears to be fine.

If you've got a Sidekick, inspect it closely. Don't need it falling off your belt.

I'd contact Uncle Mike's but since they got bought up by Bushnell, their customer service is friendly but clueless. They once sent me a total of 3 left hand holsters to replace a right hand holster that had a problem. Painful. They are cheap enough that it's easier just to toss a bad one. Maybe now that Bushnell in turn has been gobbled up by ATK things will get better??:banghead:
The Uncle Mikes I think you are speaking of cost about $11-12 now. I imagine they were like 6-7 back 10 yrs ago. I feel like you DEFINITELY got your money out of it.

They are garbage in my opinion. I have some quality holsters that are 10 years old and are like new. Of course they cost $50 to about $100.

I owned a Uncle Mike's Mirage line duel magazine holder. It could hold a single pistol mag or small knife either vertical or horizontal.
After about 16 years, it had the polymer belt loop crack, :eek: .
The nylon loops still work properly so I can still carry it.
I agree that the polymer will warp & corrode after a period. Humidity, temperature changes, rot, etc can speed up the wear.
Uncle Mikes isn't a high end brand but it's not cheap either. 16 years isn't bad for duty gear/CCW stuff you use day in/day out.
ClickClickD'oh wrote,
Warning on Uncle Mikes holsters: They are Uncle Mikes holsters.

CraigC wrote,
If Uncle Mike's holsters ain't "cheap", I don't know what is.
At the risk of being accused of piling on, I agree with what they said.

If you got 10 years of use (or maybe 10 years of sitting in a drawer), I'd say you got your money's worth.

I look at them as something you find in the gun store to carry your new purchase home in until you can get around to getting a holster for your new gun.
Agree, they're cheap holsters. But that's not the point. A lot of people use these and the failure I've described can be a real problem. Cheap shouldn't equal unsafe.
Cheap shouldn't equal unsafe.
It doesn't have to, but I usually assume that it does.

Nylon is not generally a good choice for a holster. For short term use, or in an emergency, sure, but leather and kydex are almost always better materials for holsters.
They are cheap enough that it's easier just to toss a bad one.

Sometimes a company makes a product comes along that is such high in quality and so low in price you wonder "How do they do it"? Uncle Mike's holsters is not one of those companies. And holsters are not one of those products I'd like to gamble with.

Good quality holsters aren't cheap. My finances do not allow me a lot of extra cash, so I hate paying $100 and up for them just as much as the next guy, but they are worth every penny!
I do not think a warning on a $10 holster that lasted 10 years is needed. Honestly you need to be bragging on them. It lasted longer than one should expect
Same thing happened to my Redhawk holster 2 years ago. I took it to a local leather shop and they replaced the broken belt loop in a day with a stitched/riveted piece of heavy leather for about $4.
The plastic crumbled in my hands.

For a few bucks at the shoe repair store, they can replace the "belt loop thingy" with a leather loop, customized to the width of your belt and you can carry on (pun! :barf:) with that holster for good while longer.

But the shoe store falls short if you need a plastic pistol repaired ;)
Fellas,the Uncle Mikes of today is not the same as 25 years past. I have one field rig that I've used every season since '86 for my old 629......never failed & as good as the day I picked it up.

Couple years back tho, I grabbed a shoulder rig for a 6.5 28 S&W that is no way, shape or form of the same quality, flimsy and poorly designed fit the description......then too, the latter is tagged as "heco in China'.....the original was an American made product...that say's it all!
Bushnell doesn't own Bushnell any more. Bausch & Lomb bought 'em eons ago. Owned by ATK Sporting Group("a portfolio-based consumer branded products company.") now. They also own Savage, RCBS, CCI, Alliant, Federal, Weaver, Tasco, Hoppes, Speer, et al.
Oh, and I've had an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster for over 30 years with no fuss. Elastic does deteriorate over time though.
Agree, they're cheap holsters. But that's not the point. A lot of people use these and the failure I've described can be a real problem. Cheap shouldn't equal

I would argue that it failing after ten years is not it being "unsafe" its it deteriorating due to natural wear and tear. Plastic deteriorates over time, especially after hard use, stretching, heat, cold weather expansion and contraction.

Not trying to be an *****, but scrap it, consider it money well spent considering the ROI you got out of it for how many years and replace it.
I've been carrying an LCP in one of their ankle rigs for 14 months, 7 days a week, now. Like any other Uncle Mikes product it's bulkier than it needs to be, but it has held up to gallons of sweat, the Velcro still works fine, and there's no visible sign of wear.

I'm happy with it, and I'd buy another.
It seems like the quality of the newer products aren't nothing like the older ones from years back (what is?). I still have a old Sidekick (I believe) that I've had for many many years. It's just used as a field holster, but it's still in very good shape. It's held up very well. I'm not to sure the newer ones would.
I had an U.M holster crumble also. I called them and they just sorta said "Tough".

The plastic belt loop will break down over time. They also made holsters that have a ballistic nylon loop and these seem to last forever.

Now that I have a little bit of leather working knowlege I just make my own simple holsters. Besides its fun.
Man, if the plastic belt loop on my Uncle Mikes holsters wear out after ten years I'll brag about it.

I'm not a big fan of their stuff they make for CC, but IMHO, the Sidekick is hard to beat for field use.
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