What did you shoot today?

Yesterday shot 50 rnds Remington 130gr fmj 38spl & 50 38 158gr Xtreme FP38spl over 4.3 grains HP-38 & S&B SPP out of a "new to me" 1950 pre Model 10 2 inch. The revolver shot great. Me not so much. The very narrow front sight was hard to see with my 73 yr old "good" eye. Still a good time with a cool snub the same age as myself.
SAR-4800.🇧🇷 : Brazil.

I'm not big into that style of rifle, but, that one just looks perfect to me. What caliber? Thanks.
.45Coltguy: FALs are 7,62 NATO or .308.
You must have read lots about “the Right Arm of The Free World”, during the “Cold” War? Not the best triggers, but ergos are more popular than with the G3/ civilian HK-91/ PTR-91 clones.

A tiny minority of the FALs by Imbel (Brazilian, high quality) are 5,56 or .223.

Visit the —FALfiles— for tons of info and totally unbridled enthusiasm which might surprise people.:)
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Went out yesterday with a couple buddies. We shot a resetting target, glass bottles (in a burn pile), an AR500 steel plate, and a couple binary targets. Had a good 3 hours of blasting.

My buddy brought an ar15 and a ZIG 1911 .45. The ZIG is a cheap gun, but its accurate. It functioned great with some steel case ammo, but had a few FTE with Remington brass cased ammo.

I brought my 1957 Romanian SKS, NEF handi-rifle in 22 hornet, Sig p320 DU 9mm, Interarms Virginia Dragoon 44mag, and the JRC 500 SW mag (serial number 0025!) The DU gun was won at a banquet. Sks was bought at a gun show about 15 years ago for 175. It shoots straight as an arrow. All numbers matching. I've put over 5000 rounds through it.

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Your Romanian sks reminds me of my early sixties Chinese. My stock number doesn't match I think it's Yugoslavian since from what I've read that's a common pairing. Is your barrel threaded with the long lug?
I tried out the new G-10 grips on my CZ 75 P-01 and SP-01, along with shooting my Kimber Stainless Target II and Gen 3 Glock 34.

As usual, the Kimber was pretty on. It shoots better than I do. (5C, 7L, 10R))


But the CZ SP-01 wasn’t far behind. (5C, 7L, 10C and 10 at 10 in the middle.)


Stay safe.
Here's the rest of my shooting story for today, which I didn't get a chance to finish in my previous post. A picture of that first shot from the CVA Accura in line muzzle loader at 100 yards. IMG_9184.JPG . That C.C.B. notation is my abbreviation for "Cold, Clean, Barrel", signifying the first shot. Two 50 gr. equivalent pre-formed Pyrodex pellets with a 295 gr. CVA Power Belt Aero Tip bullet seems like the way to go. Also shot it at 50 yards where it's slightly higher. IMG_9185.JPG . Will practice more before muzzleloading season but it should be good to go. Also zeroed the T/C Encore rifle in 7mm-08 with the load I picked for deer season and the Encore will be in the rotation for this year's rifle zone hunting. Last but not least was the 44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk which I managed to have fall out of a chest holster a couple weeks ago. Landed on a cement floor upside down on the 2X 20mm Leupold pistol scope so hard that the ocular (rear) bell on the scope was actually bent downward toward the top of the gun. Figured the scope was toast and I would have to send it to Leupold to see what they could do with it. Then got an idea to try it as-is to see how far off it would be. Shot it at a lasered 27 yards in one of the pistol bays at the club. It was about 6-8 inches high and about 6 inches to the left. Managed to get it back in the black in about 8 rounds. Fired another 10 rounds and it is still holding zero. First time I ever dealt with a scope issue like this. If it holds zero, I will use it in an 8 ft. ladder stand that I recently set up in my friend's woods in real thick cover with several active deer trails going by. Maximum shot range in that jungle wouldn't be over 20-25 yards. I may just try it from that stand come gun season. A wide, flat nose, gas checked 260 gr. hard cast bullet averaging a little over 1200 FPS should work well at that range. Here's the last cylinder full at 27 yards off a rest. 9-28-23 Load 11 27 yd. bent scope.JPG . Can't believe it did that with the scope damaged like it is. If you look closely, you can see how the rear bell of the scope is bent slightly down toward the gun. So perhaps Leupold won't see this scope until after gun season. IMG_9192.JPG . My prediction is for an interesting deer season this year.
Between yesterday and today I shot this...


It is a target stand I made several years ago using scrap cutting edges gently welded to the swinging arms or attached to the chain.

10 and 15 yards.

With what?


My Kimber Rapide.

28 rounds yesterday and 49 today.
Yeah, when practicing I only load 7 rounds in a magazine.

Therefore I get an extra mag at the eighth loading.......:confused:

Slowly but steadily getting faster at hitting 7 for 7 alternating targets.

Use care out there!

I had a great albeit quick day at the range today. I got the call that my P-08 Luger was ready and was $75 to the gunsmith.

One of my good uncles, actually my wife’s uncle, gave me a Luger last year. I have no idea where he got it but he indicated he hadn’t tried to shoot it since the ‘70s and it didn’t shoot too good. It’s an early 20s somewhat mismatched commercial Luger strangely in 9mm with no import marks or anything. My guess is a GI bought it on the street in 1945-46 Germany and got it back stateside. It is in great overall condition.

Anyway it had the trigger not resetting problem I’d read about and now it’s fixed. I picked it up and went directly to the range. Had four FTFs in 50 rounds and the trigger and accuracy were impressive. All four were resolved the same way and im sure it’s magazine related. This was shooting Federal AE 124gr ball. It would not feed the XTP 124 at all. Fired once, lost a bullet in the grass, and had two FTF so I gave up.

it was a huge functional improvement on a true hall of fame gun I get to care for now and pass along later. So I was really happy with that. I cleaned it tonight and have a new Meg-gar mag I bought in it. Going to try to get back tomorrow and see if it will shoot a full 50 round box without a failure.
Just got home from a range day with my Beretta 92FS. I barely got around to shooting it after picking it up a few weeks ago. I love this pistol. I don't think I'll ever buy another model of 9mm handgun.

I tested factory ammo and reloads out of it. I don't like Rem 1-1/2 primers with CFE Pistol for 9mm. I started low with 4.7 grains +/- .1 grain and it wouldn't run the slide. My next load was 5 grains +/- .1 grain and some primers would pierce/crater. How dare these Rem primers be so finicky!

At home, I looked at the firing pin as best as I could through the breech with my bore scope. It appears unscathed but I'll be babying it for the rest of its life.

Now, to pull some 9mm rounds and trade away these Rem 1-1/2 primers asap.
I've been using my .357 mag handloads in the .357 Blackhawk I recently purchased in August and it is very accurate... today I decided to shoot some 9mm handloads from a rest at 25 yards to determine accuracy with that cylinder.

Here is the first 9mm cylinder (6 shots), the rest of that 50 round box were about the same. I had another 150 rounds of that with me so I moved back to 45 yards cleaned the berm from those invading clay pigeons :cool:

NOTE: The 9mm data used to load these was from the Hornady 25th edition using WST powder but kept the COL at 1.125" (Used LRN 130gr boolits)

This revolver is a hoot, I didn't have to adjust my sights as the hold for this load was actually at center (bullseye is split) versus my .357mag handloads where the hold is at 6 o'clock on these targets (Using the 3" Birchwood Casey targets).

It was very windy in Colorado today so I'm blaming my flyer on that ;)