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Sep 27, 2011
I'm just curious as to what an average range day is for everyone here. Time at range, guns shot, round count and the like.

I try and get to the range once a month but if I had the time and money would be there much more often. Generally I'm up early grab a something to eat from a drive through palce and and am at the range by 8:00 AM.

The guns I have are an M&P 15 (5.56), CZ P09 (9mm) and a Colt Cobra (.38sp). I run 50 - 100 rounds through the M&P and CZ based on budget and 30 through the Colt. By the time I'm done shooting, cleaning up and talking to other shooters it's around Noon( I know I probably shoot a lot slower than many) and it's time to head back home, which is about an hour away.

Like I said in a better economic climate I'd be there more often and likely be at the range all day. Here's to winning the lottery.

How does this day shape up to yours?

I've had the best luck at my local range (about 15 mins from home) going late afternoon or early evening is the least crowded. Lately I've probably been averaging about 3 range trips each month, but suspect they will get less frequent soon (first kid due in 3 weeks).... then again.... maybe I'll go more just to get some "peace and quiet".

If Im just going for a quick trip to get out of the house, sometimes I'll only bring a .22 (lately my new single six convertible) and a box of ammo - more about getting out than shooting a ton.

If Im going to shoot pistols more, maybe 100 rounds of .22 (food for the single six and buckmark), a few rounds of .22wmr (single six), and about half a box of .45 (springfiled 1911).

If I head to the rifle range, usually some .22 (marlin 60 & customized 10/22), a box of .308 (rem 700), and 40-60rnds each for the AR & AK (delton/PSA & saiga, respectivelly).

Used to do a lot of shooting at paper & targets of opportunity (cans, plastic bottles, whatever i had around the house right before I left that would be fun to shoot without making a mess). Bought some steel swinging targets a few months back, however, and have been using them a lot more than paper. Only thing is I bought heavy targets that can withstand the .45 & .308, so a .22 is less than spectacular when it hits them (sometimes even hard to tell if you hit it), so I may end up buying a couple of lighter targets so that they actually react when hit by .22s.

If the .22 situation improves, I'll likely go back to shooting a lot more of it - used to shoot hundreds of rounds in a trip because it was easily replaced. Hopefully I'll be able to do that again before too long, but for now, its 50-100 rounds of .22 per trip.
10 or 20 rds through a precision bolt action, a couple of 20 rds mags through a mk12 (used to get trigger time when letting bolt action barrel cool) and will usually shoot a few mags through a pistol once I drive downrange to re-paint the target. Not much ammo or time spent, but a good way to finish off a day. :)
I usually shoot steel plates.

Now that I've retired six or seven times a month is the norm. Typically about 300-500 rounds in about an hour and a half with two to four guns. Includes time policing brass, but no time stuffing magazines as I've pre-loaded them before heading out.

When .22lr was cheap and plentiful (I was still working) I'd shoot fewer sessions (three or four times a month) but would add in ~400-600 rounds of .22lr in a session that lasted about an hour longer.
I try to get out every couple of weeks (sometimes life interferes though), and my CCW is always one of the pieces in attendance. If the weather is bad or I don't have a lot of time, I'll stop by the indoor range I like and shoot it and maybe one other pistol. That facility is timed at an hour per session and I can generally put 100-200 rounds downrange.

If weather and time permit, I'll head over to the outdoor range with a couple of rifles, four or five pistols and maybe my shotgun. Those trips last, depending on load out, from a couple of hours to four or five. And the round count can get pretty hefty by the end of the day.
Well, I just got back from my range about 10 min ago. I always try to get there by 0800 before any one else as it makes it a bit easier to pick up my brass. I go at least once a week or more when the weather is good, my range is about 10 min. away. Today I shot 150 9mm through my CZ 75 D and Beretta 92, another 100 through my SR 1911, and 50 with the old Ruger Blackhawk. I don't always take the Blackhawk but other wise a normal range day. I keep thinking that some day I will be able to shoot as well as others I see on the forums. I keep thinking I will get better but at the same time I keep getting older and shakier. I think I need new glasses :eek:
I practice every other week at my range but often will take a handgun or two out in my yard.
My range sessions consist of one or two rifle either trying to tune in a new optic or achieving better groups of course I bring one of my SHTF semi's to be sure it always remains reliable ...then finishing off with a edc pistol for the same reason. I've witnessed all to often some not being very proficient with ther carry piece for me I may not be as accurate with one of mine say compared to one of my 1911's or another large frame pistol but if I can't get the job done with a compact I have no business carring then . I average 2 to 3 hundred rounds
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2bfree, Don't worry; you probably shoot as well or better than most here actually shoot. I can shoot 1/2 moa groups all day when I do my part; it's just that I tend to not do my part. :D
2bfree, Don't worry; you probably shoot as well or better than most here actually shoot. I can shoot 1/2 moa groups all day when I do my part; it's just that I tend to not do my part.
Thanks, I needed that ;)
Outdoor range:

Time: 2 or 3 hours

I usually take two handguns and three long guns.
I shoot about 100 22lr (pistol)
I shoot about 50 9mm/45acp/whatever caliber the other pistol is
I shoot about 100 22lr (rifle)
I shoot about 50-60 rounds from long guns/shotguns.

I spend about 20 minutes per firearm. I set "goals" for each firearm and what I hope to accomplish in that particular session (the "plan"), and then shoot my "plan".

edit: as you can see, 22lr makes (made) up a good bit of my shooting.
Indoors, somewhere between 20 and 50 rounds of .22lr (I sure miss the good old days of working through a whole 500 rd economy pack in one session), then assorted pistol centerfire, usually between 20 and 50 of .38spl, 9mm, 10mm, and/or .45ACP. In the range itself for less than an hour, door-to-door time included both ways making it a bit longer (about a 10 minute drive without traffic).

I usually shoot some groups, then a little bit of working on splits. Just trying to watch the sights lift, working on trigger press, etc. Basic fundamentals. Can't draw from a holster at my usual range, can't run around, etc. So just working on the shooting itself. Gun handling mostly gets practiced dry at home and then at matches (the latter is both practice and performance).
I usually spend about 90 mins. Two guns. More is more to clean. About 8-10 reloads of each.

If I'm working up some new loads and/or doing chrono work, add another hour, or more.

Strictly outdoor ranges these days.
Try to make it to the outdoor range about 1 hour form Cleveland. This a state run range that opens at 9:00am. I either take 3 or 4 pistols and other times I take 3 rifles.

An average range trip is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, on pistol days I used to start off with 50 to 100 rounds thru the 1911/22 or the Beretta Neos. Then I go to the 1911's 45acp normally 100 to 150 rounds or so. Like to take my time and shoot a few mags, pickup the brass since I reload everything. Sometimes I take either the 92FS or the CZ75 and shoot some 9mm. I always put about 25 rounds downrange in my carry gun, a Walther PPK/S.

With the rifles I will take the AR15, Savage Axis 223 and a Marlin 22LR. With the rifles I really take my time and go for nice tight groups.

I also spend a fair amount of time shooting the breeze with other shooters or the range officers. Often we will take turns trying each others hardware.

Targets are all paper at this range and no drawing from the holster. Drawing from the holster is done at home when doing the dry fire practice.
3 to 4 hours hopefully twice a month.

I normally bring 3 or 4 guns, usually in one or two calibers and between 700 and 1000 rounds of centerfire. I normally bring a brick of 22 and one 22 handgun.

Shoot until either the ammo is gone or I am tired. Always work on one aspect of shooting that day. For example calling every shot correctly or feeling the trigger break precisely. Ignore everything else but focus on that one thing and do it right every time.
I bring a 5 gallon bucket for empties that is usually filled halfway or more when I'm done.
Varies on ammo being used center fire handgun and rifle. 3-400 for handgun and 4-500 for rifle. Bulk of rifle is from the Mosin's then 308. A Fal has a big appetite.
The LR cases get left on the ground, 2-300 of them.
This is an average 5 hour shoot.
I go once a week and have been shooting rifles and handguns, usually between 200 and 400 rounds. Recently though I got back into trap shooting and it's a good way to keep shooting costs down, although I need a spare shooter for that. I spend anywhere from 90 minutes to over 6 hours at the range depending who shows up, weather, etc.
Indoor range (close) -100 rounds .45 acp, 100 rounds .38/.357. Outdoor range 1hour away- 100 rounds .223, 100 rounds .22-250, 50 rounds .30-06, in warm weather 50-100 clay pigeons. I try to visit ranges monthly.
I shoot on public land once a week or possibly twice and try to get there early, especially in the summer. If I'm in place by 6:30 that's good. I can shoot 3-4 hours and get home for a late breakfast with my wife before anybody else comes around which is fine with me. In winter I reload. :rolleyes:

As far as rounds fired, that depends on what guns I take. Handguns might see 500 rounds or more, rifles might get 200 - 300 rounds, and if I'm feeling really good and take the 1919A4 I might create 1,000 pieces of brass that need reloading the following weekend. Usually I invite a friend to shoot the 1919 just to spread the smiles around.
It depends. If I am shooting at my house, I usually just do pistols and my suppressed 9mm AR, sometimes my .223 AR. I'm usually there for 1.5-2 hours.

If I go to the range where I'm a member, I usually shoot a combination of rifles and pistols and it is typically a 2-4 hour affair.

I am at a point now where I own so many guns that the most difficult part of shooting is deciding which guns not to shoot. Haha.
For me a "Range Day" is just that, a day at the range. Retired last year and loving it. My outdoor range is about an hour drive. Night before I stage things less guns which remain in the safe but cases are ready, spotting scope, maybe the chronograph depending on what I plan to shoot, shooting jacket or whatever for what I plan to shoot.

I leave the house around 6 AM just ahead of morning rush hour but after only a few miles I am going south while rush hour is going north into Cleveland. I bring some coffee and may stop for breakfast, sometimes I pack a lunch and take my cooler with ice and beverages for the day.

Normally a few rifles make the trip, maybe an AR, M1A, 223 Bolt gun and 308 bolt gun, maybe the AR 10 and the list goes on. Generally two or three high power rifles and at least one 22 LR. Also a few handguns including a 22 LR pistol or revolver.

I like to start at the 100 and 200 yard lines. post my targets and set up the chronograph if I plan to use it. I will leisurely shoot maybe 100 rounds of for example 308 and 223 from whatever I drag out. BS in between with other range rats like myself. Shoot, BS, drink coffee and repeat. Take notes or whatever.

Then down to the short ranges for some 22 LR and handgun for a few more hours. All in all I like to be on the line by 7:00 or 7:30 AM and shooting. I'll leave the range packed out by around 4:00 PM which is cool because again I am going in the opposite direction of rush hour. Home around 5:00 or 5:30 and some dinner and then hang on the deck with my wife. Neighbors may stop over and we knock down a few. God, I love summers. :)

Winters and bitter cold means the indoor range maybe 30 min ride. That is handgun as I don't get into shooting rifle 75 feet indoors. The indoor range days are maybe 2 or 3 hours. Shoot a little and BS a little. I maintain memberships at both indoor and outdoor so it's not like I pay by the hour. Shoot as much as and as long as I want.

Round count? Totally depends on what I am shooting or doing. If I am testing new loads and doing the chronograph maybe only 100-150 308 for example if that with maybe a few hundred 223 but on a day like that much less time on the short range for 45 ACP, 357 Mag / 38 SPL, 44 Mag or 45 Colt. Really just depends. All in all a good day is just 8 to 9 hours of outdoor shooting. No rules, just right.

Thought about moving south to a nicer climate but... While I could go south and we have looked at property and get some land and have my own range we have the kids and grand kids close to us and I love the grand kids who I started taking out shooting. Just don't know that I want to distance myself and my wife from the family.

I'm fortunate that I have my own range....I usually walk down there once a week and if shooting a CF hangun, typically about 50 rounds or so, and AR/AK maybe 120, and a .22 usually about 200-300. Of course if my wife joins me the round count can be considerably higher. Grandkids make the count very high. I try to limit my range time to an hour or maybe a little longer but never more than two hours in consideration to neighbors and livestock.
An average range day would be a couple of .22 pistols and rifles, a couple of 9mm. and .45 ACP pistols, and an AR 15; along with a lot of ammo over a couple of hours.
A match day you will be there all day with make up and tear down and fire 200 rounds in a few minutes over the course of a day.

Taking a buddy out with pistols you might spend 2 hours with a variety of handguns before your lane time is up.

Busting clays in the middle of nowhere will end when you are out of shells or clays.

Sighting in your rifle/checking your zero for hunting season might last just an hour.
Range: Indoor
Frequency: Once a month (time and cost restrictions...)
Time: 1 to 2 hours

Always shoot:
P229 40 S&W - 50 to 100 rounds

Other than that it's usually a mix of 2 or 3 other guns in 9mm and/or 22lr at about 50 to 100 rounds each.
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