What is the best press for high end match grade rifle cartridges?

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What is the best press for high end match grade rifle cartridges?

Among the best is the Redding T-7 turret press. Regularly handling/adjusting dies takes time off my life. With seven stations, set, forget and get busy with the important stuff. Also, a comparator is a 'must'.
make sure your seating stem contacts the ogive and not the tip of the bullet.


Loading components and tools can vary depending on what you need out of them, at what range, from what firearm in what quantities.

Having a custom dies machined that you use in an arbor press, might be the ticket for 100/200 yard benchrest matches but would be less than ideal for loading for a 3 gun match rifle.

In any case, before you become too focused on OAL, you might measure the individual projectiles to see how different they are, as you could be chasing your tail. The tip isn’t what matters, it’s the contact with the lands +/- that is most important.

One can actually load ammunition that isn’t even concentric, before it’s chambered and after it’s perfect.
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Many shooters get best results by soft seating bulletS longer than what will function in their rifles.
The cartridges are carefully chambered. When chambered the bullet contacts the rifling and is pushed back to a constanr location when the bolt is closed.

Like wise your seating die contacts an area behind the tip of the bullet. This makes the distance from the ogive to the case head constant. The variable shape of the very tip of the bullet is left hanging out in the air,

Finally when bullets are mass produced the point forming dies may have 6 or 8 different cavities that all vary a little.
In every box of bullets you get a mix of bullets from the different dies. If you want more consistent bullets make your own so they will all come out of one point forming die.

Let me put it this way, I'm trying to make the mast accurate rifle loads that I can lol. Whatever tools I've got to use or things I've got to learn, I'm game.
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