what primer system on a turret press (handgun)

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Dec 24, 2002
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I ordered a Redding T-7 turret press. Like others (RCBS) it has a ram priming arm at the bottom which is hand fed, and primes on the down stroke.

Redding will be selling a tube feeding system for the ram priming arm (similar to others, forget which brand).

I'm looking at the Lee AutoPrime II (with the disc) which sits in a die position on my turret and primes on the up stroke in a seperate operation.

I'll be loading .38 special at first. Then I plan to get into 9x18, and .32acp. I do not plan on getting into centerfire rifle.

I know Lee products can be a lighning rod of strong opinions. But from this beginner's viewpoint, the Lee AutoPrime II seems to be a resonable solution for the low volume handgun loader and a turret press.

Any opinions?

I prime with the Lee Ram Prime, because I found it impossible to get used to the prime on the downstroke that was available with my Lyman T-Mag II. Not quite sure I'd be able to prime any better/faster with the Auto-Prime than I do now with the Ram Prime.

I agree with mbott, could not get used to the lack of feel priming on the down stroke, Lee turret. Got the ram prime and love it. Of course I do this in a seperate operation, so it does take a little longer, but nothing I can't live with. Jim.
Get the RCBS hand priming tool or the lee hand priming tool..Both are good but the RCBS is easier to use in my estimation..Check them out and see for yourself..I think you will like one of them..
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