what's more acurate, shooting a handgun traditional, or sideways

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May 15, 2010
North Carolina
This topic came up lately, is one more acurate holding and shooting a target, or person in the upright traditional position, or sideways (like some movies tend to show) ? My opinion is one is more acurate at hitting the intended target in the traditional method of holding a handgun, verses holding a handgun sideways. Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated
Try it your self and let us know the results.

Seriously: Give this setup a try and let us know how it works out for ya.... ;)

I plan on it this weekend. There was a fellow at my local VFW that was very addamant that he could shoot and hit his intended target shooting sideways at 25 yards. We shall see what the outcome is!:)
As long as you can hold a sight picture and your POI and POA are the same it shouldn't matter, but what most folks commonly refer to as holding a gun sideways isn't practiced sighted shooting and won't be as accurate.
Thank you HSO:) That's what I was trying to convey to the guy, but he wouldn't let up about it, (I wasn't going to let it go either) hence the contest
On the Seecamp it may be useful to turn sideways since it has no sights but has a groove on the side that you can sight along almost like a shotgun.
Whatever goes up, must come down. This is the law of gravity. If the brass is getting ejected up..... it goes down the collar of your shirt..... still at a very high temperature. Maybe you should let him show you, it may be entertaining! I would guess he wants to use a semi, what self respecting gangsta would be shooting a wheelie sideways!?
Considering that our bodies are oriented vertically and that the sights are located on the top of a handgun...
Two separate questions here, I think.

1) Which is more conducive to accurate shooting? I'd think this one is absurd even to ask. I mean, really. Just ... wow.

2) Can this guy you know hit a target at 25 yds with the gun canted over on its side? Yes. Sure. Wouldn't even be that hard. Heck, the old trick shooters used to shoot with the gun over their shoulder, sighting in a mirror, or held upside down by their nostril hairs or what not. You CAN hit a target just about any way, given time to set up the shot.

Can he make accurate hits in anything like the same amount of time (or at the same rate) a skilled shooter could do it using one of the "correct" stances? Not a chance.
Sideways is overstating the case. For point shooting (not that I am a point shhoting advocate), the hand and wrist are more natural and relaxed if the hand is tilted a little.

To see this in action, just point your finger at something, empty handed, in a hurry. (Don't "aim" your finger, just point it. Most likely, your empty hand is tilted anywhere from 30 to 60 degrees away from vertical.

Quick and instinctive, yes. Accurate? Well, if I'm trying to actually hit something, I aim with the gun vertical.
Sam911, I completly agree with you! I felt he was way to sure of himself to pose such a debate. I very well may be re-educated on this method of shooting, who knows? It seems to me that if the sideways method of shooting was the way to go, why is it that the general practice of design and shooting of a handgun is in the upright position and not of the sideways position?
"...a fellow at my local VFW..." Too much bubbly liquid in his thought process. Holding a handgun sideways is Hollywood nonsense.
Sideways is overstating the case. For point shooting (not that I am a point shhoting advocate), the hand and wrist are more natural and relaxed if the hand is tilted a little.
Well sure. 'Most anyone experienced in "action" or "practical" pistol shooting does this to a degree when shooting strong- or weak-hand-only. A few degrees of cant (like 10-15 degrees -- NOT 90!) toward the center line of the body is easier on the wrist and provides a more natural aim. Now, I wouldn't say this is for "point shooting" (i.e: un-sighted fire) as I'm still seeing my front sight for every shot.

But that doesn't sound like what the OP is describing, to me. He said, "sideways (like some movies tend to show)." We all know exactly what that looks like.

Now, if the OP's pal shows up at the range and locks into a good gunfighter's one-hand stance (something like this: http://www.policemag.com/Channel/Weapons/Articles/2002/11/One-Hand-Engagement.aspx), the bet is off.

If he pulls this: http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/08_02/004gun_468x377.jpg -- yeah...let's see it. :cool:
A while back I did a torture test on a Makarov. I was trying to make it malfunction in 1,000 rounds (it didn't).

One of the tests was to fire the gun normally, on it's right and left side and upside-down.
4 magazines, 32 rounds.
7-8 yards at the head of a normal size silhouette target.

31 rounds made a nice group in the center of the head. I could not account for the 32nd round, so I called it a miss.

I was surprised just how accurate the gun does shoot when held "gangster style"

A few months ago, for reasons I won't bore you with, at 10 yards I shot my Beretta PX4 9mm while bent over shooting the gun upside-down between my legs.
(not a pretty sight, a 73 year old man doing this :D )

Even in this ridiculous shooting position, as long as the sight picture can be maintained the bullet will hit close to where you want it.
First off SUNRAY your right about the ( too much bubbly):) Second M2 CARBINE, you made me laugh my ass of on that on, thanks to all for your comments and opinions
Waaay too many movies and TV. Is this suppose to make you look BAD or just stupid? A good gun handler can hit from any position, stovepipes and brass in the face excluded. Next gun show will feature a 1911 with sights on the side.
no offense ole coote, I was not intending to look bad or stupid, it was just a legitimate question on what others thought
I tried this once with a 1911 45 ACP. Due to the angle of the recoil, follow up shots were slow and awkward. I didn't try it twice. It might be harm some joints to try it with a 44 magnum.
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