where are the ithaca 37's ??

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Jun 20, 2006
i had a chrome plated,8 shot, ithaca M37 riot gun i bought at a gunshow for $250 when i was stationed at camp pendleton in the 80's,then let my little brother borrow it and never saw it again. decades later, i'm still a little steamed and miss my trusty 37. i've looked all over the inter-web,pawn shops,gunstores,etc. and have yet to find another one. i read that ithaca is putting out another under the embarrasingly stupid name "homeland defender", but can't seem to find one.
any suggestions? as always, thanks in advance for any help.....m.r.
Ithaca has been in and out of business over the last couple of decades. The latest incarnation's guns are just starting to hit stores.


Don't expect to get a new one for $250 however, the design is quite intensive to produce. Some of the older fixed choke field guns can be found for $250, but you would be lucky to find one of the riot models at that price.
They're out there, they just don't show up as often as the 870's and Mossys. It's fairly easy to find standard versions, the LE/Mil guns are quite a bit less common. Keep looking on Gunbroker, Auctionarms and Gunsamerica, they do show up there from time to time.

If you're specifically looking for an 8-shot M37, good luck. They are not too common and tend to go for fairly high prices when they do show up. $400-500 is very typical. I think collectorsfirearms.com has an 8-shot DSPS for sale right now. The sights are aftermarket add-ons though.
I talked to Ithaca's sales dept about a month ago. You can still order a spanking new M37, but you have to order from Ithaca by credit card and have it shipped to a local FFL. The price I was quoted on a 37 Riot was close to $700.
Im not sure exactly what it was but there was a Ithaca model 37 shottie at my local pawn shop marked $175 - it was in 90% or better condition. 18" or so barrel with the mag tube that came close to the end of the barrel.

Should I go back and check it out closer?
new ones

yep Ithaca has been doing some weird in and out of business dance for the last while.
but they have been around since the 1800s, I mean look at S&W who sold it to the brits?
anyway from the specs on their page the new guns seem to be improved not really all that changed.
at least the pump guns a bad name and a good gun works for me.
but all I know is what I saw online sorry.
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