Where do you shoot?

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Jan 29, 2012
What type range do you most often use?

1. Indoor
2. outdoor

If indoor:

1. Do they allow draw from holster?
2. Do they allow handgun magnums?

If outdoor:

1.Do they allow draw from holster?
2.Do they have any barricades or houses?
3. Do they have steel targets?

Reason I'm curious is that where I live unless you belong to a club, you have to go to an indoor range. They do not allow draw from holster. You are simply standing with the gun on a counter in front of you putting holes in paper. May help increase accuracy, but little else. I would like to join an outdoor club, but they all have rather long waiting lists to join.
Used to shoot indoor. But that range was into some sketchy business so now outdoor only. Both ranges allow draw from holster. At the indoor range I no longer frequent the only ammo not allowed was AP rounds or anything screaming faster than 3200 FPS. They also had a strong leaning towards selling their own but wasn't mandatory.

My outdoor range is run by the state game authority in the middle of a hunting preserve. Nothing fancy like barricades or houses. Paper targets only. There is a membership range about an hour away that has buildings for practice, pistol dueling trees, gongs and loads of other nice targets to shoot at.
It is often quite difficult to practice much of value and practice enough to reach proficiency with a defensive weapon if you're limited to commercial ranges and/or public ranges.

A good club can offer you many benefits, not the least of which is a group of professional, serious-minded, safety conscious members who share your focus and interests in training. That's not always easy to find, of course, and some parts of the country seem to have a dearth of such places.

As a start, I'd look at the IDPA and USPSA web sites and find clubs in your area which host those types of matches. At the very least, that will indicate that they have some level of focus on practical shooting and will allow the kind of practice that will help you.

FWIW, my home club is here: http://www.westshoresportsmen.org/

$55/year (IIRC) gets a member access to nine outdoor ranges, plus trap range and archery range, and an indoor pistol range -- as well as groups doing IDPA, Highpower, SASS, and some other very interesting things.
Private land (a family owned farm) allows me to practice most anything that I want to, whenever I want to. It has been especially helpful for practicing shooting on the move and low-light/night shoots. Over Christmas break I will get to set up 3-gun stages to practice my new favorite sport :)

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I can shoot in my backyard, but I only have about 25 yards to my woods. Therefore when longer distances are required I go to the county conservation league, they have a 100 yard range, membership is $15 a year, and theres hardly ever anyone there.
Those of you with private land should indeed count your blessings. I am in central S.C. and there is virtually nothing available except a couple of private clubs with full memberships. Wish I had about 50 acres of land.
I shoot in the middle of nowhere in north Idaho. Its a private-membership range but there is nothing around it but wheat. I shoot steel and paper targets, and I go all year round (rain, sun, sleet, wind, wildfire smoke, or snow) as long as the roads are cleared. If I don't get to go for more than two weeks, I get itchy.
I own 40 acres 44 miles from my home. I have 100 and 300 yard berms. We've set up gongs at 100, 200, and 300 yards. Steel swingers from 25 to 50 yards and lots of wooden target stands for paper. Covered concrete bench.

I have actually fired out of my truck windows.
There's too much liability at a public indoor range to permit people to draw and shoot. A ND onto a concrete floor can be a hazard for folks in nearby lanes.
True - and I understand that. I guess my point is that shooting holes in paper at an indoor range is not going to prepare a person for a possible confrontation with a BG when all sorts of different dynamics will be in play. And I certainly have no figures available to me, but my guess is that 75% or more of gun owners who carry for SD "practice" in these indoor ranges. True self defense proficiency with a handgun is pretty elusive.
I shoot at Knob Creek. The primary range lets you shoot at/with just about everything. Surprisingly they don't allow draw from a holster, or at Tannerite.

However I shoot down at a lower range that has steels, making things a lot more interesting.

Can't stand indoor ranges. Loud, smoky, time limited.
Over half of Wyoming is public land. Sparse population makes finding a place to shoot simple, although most people use old gravel pits due to the backstop features.
Ah, the benefits of having a private range. I have never been to an actual range outside of mine, but I think it would be irritating dealing with all their rules.
I have been a member of a couple of gun clubs. I understand the need for strict rules, but I am glad to be able to shoot one round, drive down to the target and back, either fire again, adjust the scope or move a little closer.
I can and do shoot on my own property but limit it basically to handguns, shotguns, and rimfire rifles. In addition I’m a land holder in a private club, a member of a club that leases land, and a life member in an out of state club.
I shoot at two different public indoor ranges a lot of times, but also belong to a gun club with two outdoor ranges. None of the ranges allow drawing from the holster, which I understand can be frustrating, but based on some of my experiences at the public indoor range, I would be very nervous with anyone drawing from a holster.

The indoor ranges allow pretty much any pistol as long as its non-lead ammo and non-expanding (ie. FMJ). The outdoor ranges allow lead and expanding loads.

None have steel targets or barricades, but there is a 'tactical' range nearby that I have not been to that does have steel popper and swingers and barricades for IDPA work.
Is there anyone on this forum that owns land in Lexington County, S.C. that would maybe like to develop a range for "friends & family" only (not for membership)? I would be more than willing to help develop and build for shooting privileges? If so PM me.
Sometimes, I use the outdoor range down the road from my house. There's usually nobody there, and no "rules" either.

If it's too sunny out, I shoot in the woods. Here, the law is that you can't shoot within 100 yards of an "occupied dwelling" without owner permission, or 5 yards of a road, so basically, the vast majority of the state is technically a shooting range. I just find a steep, safe hillside to set targets on and blast away.

I've never been to an indoor range in my life, and I don't plan to.
I shoot at 2 places.

1 is an outdoor club.
They have a pistol range, a rifle range & a trap/skeet range.
The pistol area is fully adjustable - you can shoot from 50 yards on down to 2 ft if you want.
Yes, it allows for holster draw.
No it doesn't have steel targets, but you can bring your own.
Lotsa evidence of water jugs/frying pans etc in the trash.

The 2nd place is a friend's farm.
He has a small 6ft high berm as a back stop.
Nothin fancy, but when the club is closed for different events, it still gives me a place to go.
Here in Minnesota it is pretty easy to find a place to shoot. M.D.H.A has free ranges set up all around the state.
I'm a member of Pioneer Gun club outside of Kansas City MO.
The have an indoor range available 24 hours a day. The outdoor range has 100/200 yard rifle, trap, maybe 6 pistol ranges. We have a plate range with 2 double plate racks 24 plates.

They also have lots of organized shooting like USPSA, NRA action pistol etc.

Good club!
Hey Frank wheres that located? I live in Olathe so I may be interested.
I sometimes go to an indoor range but usually end up going out to my in-laws place where I have 30 some acres to myself and can practice however I please.
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