Which Colt to get?

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The L&R had a plain cylinder. The Italians have made a ton of different variations of the brass frame, round barrel, 51 navy style Colt clone. The only relatively accurate reproduction of the L&R is by High Standard.

3rd Dragoon and a '61 Navy


I snagged up this Uberti 3rd Dragoon from DasJaeger just before I went MIA last fall (horrible case of the H1N1 with complications... all better now though). I need to take this one to the range... but, his Jaegerness was right on with this one having the sweetest trigger (out of the box) !! The grips are one of his creations.... and are VERY nice !!!
Well, dangit! I just saw the Rogers and Spencer Target model on sale at Dixie for $350, I got my money yesterday, but they're out of stock and aren't able to backorder them. I called S&S and they said they were out of stock, even the importer was out of them. I want to get an R&S, but I would like to get the target model, since the R&S is supposed to be a really good shooting pistol, out shooting modern target pistols.

Oh well, I guess I'll just get a Dragoon or a '60 Colt Army until some more come in..:)
Well…my say is to go with the 1848 Whitneyville Dragoon, if you like the larger Walker gripframe. That is what I have. If you don’t care for the Walkers larger gripframe, then any of the other later models will be good.

For the smaller gun, my preference is the 1851 Squareback, which I probably will order this week.
I ordered a Dance and Brothers. Instead of buying another revolver, I'm going to hold out for a Rogers and Spencer if I ever stumble upon one.

I ordered a conversion cylinder for my Uberti Walker and my Pietta Remington from Midway. I'm going to reload all my .45 Colt cases I have laying around as soon as my molds arrive.
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