Which finish is most durable?

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Uhh... pretty much the entire arsenal of the US Army Infantry, for one?

They're black (which most bluing looks black), but I don't think any of them are actually blued anymore.

The M9's use a proprietary finish from Beretta called "Bruniton". The M4's/M16's all use a non-blue finish as well. Heck the lowers on those guns, being aluminum, couldn't even be blued if you wanted to.
Hard chrome.....durable, rust resistant, and just the right amount of shine.


My .50 was brushed hard chrome. I wanted the satin nickel, but knew it would show scratches, so opted for BHC instead. It was a good call.

The black chrome MRI used to offer was beautiful, but I can't speak to it's durability. I suspect it would display scratches rather prominently.
Duracoat is a good finish and available in wide assortment of colors but it is FAR from being the most durable.
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