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WHIDPA Multigun Match This Saturday (1/8)

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Bob TX, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Bob TX

    Bob TX Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    Location West Houston
    First rounds downrange at 0900, AT the ImpactZone
    Bring water

    Steel rifle targets ONLY, ammo restrictions
    If a magnet sticks to your bullet DO NOT USE ON THE RIFLE STEEL

    No tracer, armor piercing (AP), or armor piercing incendiary (API) ammunition.
    NO Steel jacketed ammo or steel core for steel targets.
    Unacceptable ammo includes (but not limited to) US M855, European SS109, and Canadian C77 steel-core .223 ammunition.

    For pistols, jacketed, cast lead, or hollow point ammo is acceptable.

    For shotgun stages no shot larger than #4 will be allowed when shooting steel.

    Slings ARE NOT necessary this month

    Prepare for:

    Challenging and threat rich environments for rifle, shotgun, and pistol.
    Hopefully you know your shotgun pattern vs distance, shot effectiveness vs distance and you have practiced loading.......

    Remember these are minimums
    Big Bay: Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun: Swingers, steel, clays and paper..OH MY! Round count: Rifle28, pistol 10, shotgun shot 9

    Shotgun only: Slug and shot with a new "intimidator" thrown in. Round Count: shot 5, slug 2

    Pistol-rifle: scored IDPA style Round Count: rifle 12, pistol 18

    Long Range Rifle 200 & 150 yds 2 steel at each location, par time 40 seconds

    Must score 6 points to neutralize, .308 rifle or larger, 5 points to neutralize
    9 rounds max shotgun capacity (tube + chamber)

    Supreme Poobah of all things Multi-Gun at WHIDPA

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