White cotton gloves for handling old/collectible guns?

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Nov 11, 2010
Does anyone have a source for purchasing inexpensive white cotton gloves which are often seen used by those handling old/collectible guns? (Keeps sweat and body oils from your hands off of the finish of old and collectible firearms.) If anyone knows of a company selling these or a website for ordering same, please advise. Thanks.
Used to buy those by the box for handling photos. Called them my 'Mickey Mouse Gloves.' Photo supply houses, pharmacies will carry them.

Lint free gloves 100% cotton.
Are they used to help preserve the bluing, or even the wood?

I guy not far from here has a (Savage) Enfield #4 which appears to be all silver.
Are sweaty hands usually the primary cause?
They keep the acid, salts and oils from your fingers (or whatever your fingers have been in) from getting on whatever you've been handling.

Lots of things can take the finish off a firearm. You might think nothing of the salad dressing or soda pop you just wiped off your fingers but these things that can ETCH your fingerprints in a firearm if left unchecked.

White gloves are a way of saying 'handle with care'.

I am notorious for wearing the bluing off the backstraps of revolvers and autos.
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