Who gives a rats royal behind? YOU? (Advertising RKBA ideas)

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Dec 26, 2002
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Who gives a rats royal behind? YOU?

I understand that Oleg & compadres will not accept donations to facilitate this site. Accepted. My proposal is that we pool our resources to broaden our base and interject a positive RKBA message by running a series of small ads in various publications that would attract like-minded individuals to our cause. I have faith in the moderation, message and direction of this site to such a degree that I believe we can and more importantly, should, take the next step in sending our positive communication to the masses. We have the leadership, awareness and wherewithal, we now require the numbers.
I have no doubt that Oleg could come up with a stellar ad. I believe the time is now at hand to further our beliefs and to punctuate that cause, I pledge the first $100.00 to such a campaign. Whether American Rifleman, Shooters Times or Shotgun News, let's get thehighroad.org message out there. Make no mistake; the future is now and it is ours to form. Perhaps I am the lone voice in the cacophony of misdirection that the anti’s which surround us use but this is our opportunity to set the record straight, to give truth a voice and it’s something that I feel strongly about and can do, must do. If this proposal is contrary to the board’s beliefs, shut it down, but let it be known that I’m finally pissed about the onslaught of injustices that are being foisted upon our Rights as Americans.
I AM going to spend time and resources to recover that which we have lost and would rather do so in the company of my fellow board members with whom I feel an affinity for and where I recognize a DESIRE to right wrongs. Dems, Reps, Indies, Libs, Cons…. We argue amongst ourselves but with the familiarity of siblings. We have a direction here on this site. Our forefathers shed blood for our freedom and I, for one, am not worthy of that sanguine sacrifice because I have done NOTHING noteworthy to live up to that benchmark. Let us apply ourselves to some sort of solution because I believe we can make a difference in our various walks of life. Please consider this proposal and voice your opinion. The time is at hand.
Thanks for the offer, InTune, and an interesting thought it is... I'll leave this up for discussion, and draw Oleg's attention to it. It's really his call, so we'll see what he thinks.
I'm with you in believing we can make a difference. We are 10000 strong. We CAN make a difference. We should not be content to merely discuss amongst ourselves. Others here have been discussing leaflets at airports, and there is Alan Fud's suggestion of radio ads.
We merely need to mobilize. We all talk about our rights and what we would do if "they" came for our guns. Let's not give them the chance!
Like you, I have not done enough to carry on the beliefs of our founding fathers. We have been lax as a country, and it shows in our oppressive gun laws.
NOW is the time to turn back the clock. Perhaps, as some say, revolution is inevitable. If at all possible, I would not subject our country to that. It is not too late to reclaim our rights. If something is not done soon, it will be too late, barring bloody revolution.
Since joining this site, and learning what I was not taught in school, I have felt a stirring in my blood. A righteous anger boils in my veins when I see the changes merely since my youth. My eyes have been opened, and I for one, would do my part to reclaim that which has been taken from me.

So what say you all? Shall we become a force in the fight for guns? Or shall we be content to sit and gripe to one another, thinking that our yearly contribution to whatever gun org is truly all we should do?
I hear ya! The same passion burns within. Do any realize what $2.00x10,000 can do for coverage? I trust the message here MUCH stronger than all the others that I contribute to now. The TRUTH rings with a certain resonance. And it is found here. Let's not allow the forge to cool. Strike and strike yet again with passion! Thx P-man, it is all we can ask... Yet, more.
This has been suggested by several people in the past, including me if I may say so. I'll definitely contribute money.

This is exactly what we need: a media campaign to counter the antis. I remember that stupid Brady commercial was playing non-stop during the S659 debate, and there was no NRA or GOA ad to counter it! We need ads that are unaffiliated with the NRA because that group has been so succesfully tarred and feathered in the public mind by the media. We need to show that ordinary, hard working, tax-paying, law abiding citizens are the ones who are fighting for the right to bear arms. The message is that we are just regular folks who are fighting for our rights. Guns are part of our heritage

My suggestion is to make ads targeted at the hunter/sport shooter crowd to show them that if they don't unite with us their hunting/sporting guns are in danger. This group is more accessible to us than the general non-shooting public. We should make them aware of the comments by Sen. Kennedy about the armor-piercing ammo amendment, and include the list of everyone who voted for it.

Maybe "Ted Kennedy Wants Your .30-30" would be a good title.
Mark, I envision such a campaign taking place after we gain the necessary numbers. I believe our power presently lies in the collective knowledge and positive message of THR. I seek to promote this site and let the members deliver the message that will garner us strength of numbers/resources thereby opening doors to more expansive and bold endeavors. We can do Shotgun News now, People magazine in the near future!
If you're really serious, I suggest you search TFL for "FOUP" and read up on what happened last time. Without putting too fine a point on it, FOUP was a dismal failure. The support simply wasn't there when the time actually came to send a check or do some work.

The biggest hurdle RKBA has faced, always, without exception, is motivation. Solve that and you're the new hero.
Don, caution noted; but we're bigger now, and the stakes are higher as well. Also, as the political season heats up, our message could make a real difference.

Count me in for a C-note.

What if we were to establish an escrow account for, say 3 to 6 months. At the end of the period, we'd either have enough to move ahead, or we could call it quits and refund everybody's contributions (less expenses). Alternatively, we could ask for agreement to donate the fund to some worthy cause :D

TFL Survivor
count me in for $100.00

Whether we discuss it here, or a comittee, or whatever, I'd like to see us develop a longer-term plan--e.g., more than 'here's our money; now let's go have Oleg do it and put it up here--once.
Positive PR is always good to have.
We can't count on the liberal press to just give it us, but we might be able to buy some.

I don't know how many it would take to make a noticable difference, but I do know I'd much rather have 10,000+ , obviously armed folks, with me than against me. :D

Yes, I think that $2 x 10,000 should buy some sort of ad.

Intune, if you plan to write the copy for the ad, plaese note tha pargraphs are your friend, don't be afraid of them. :scrutiny: :D
I would be in. My check that was slated for the NRCC went to NRA and GOA instead. The NRCC got photocopies of the checks and thier check voided. With a note that this was caused directly by the S.1805 bill disaster.

BTW: Could someone more computer literate than me please put together a small one pager about Kennedys blithering about 30-30's being banned and other highlights from the s.1805 debate? I would like to be able to print it off on heavy cardstock, laminate it, and get the word out.

I've got 4 of the biggest local gunshops willing to put it on thier counter, I just lack the ability to put it together in a quick condensed form. (Engish composition was not a stong point in school.)

If someone could do this it would be great.
Thank you very much. I'm thinking a good heavy laminated version to put up permenently, and some standard paper versions to put in a "take one" basket.

I'm even going to do this with NYPatriots contact info. I think I can even get Sportsmans Wharehouse to put them up.

One thing I would like clear as a bell is: hunters, they're after yours too!!!!!!
I'm in.

What are the chances of getting one of the gun magazines to do a short paragraph on it? That would at least expose the site to more shooting enthusiasts.

Now, who do we know in publishing....?

Since you need advice on how to do the SCUBA Ted / Hunting Rifles pro-gun promo, I wanna see

a) a good .30-30 graphics;
b) nice, tight text;
c) a flash movie; and
d) a *.PDF for easy download as well.

and after you get done with that, then you can...

gee, this is fun! TIA, Oleg.
I'm in.

I've never been a member or a part of an internet organization. I probably won't be traveling to Utah or AridZone for meetings. How do we go about this anyway?

How do we open a bank account and not have the government grab it if we get effective? We need lawyers. Can we count on pro-bono lawyering from one or more members?

There must be other organizations out there with by-laws and experience we might borrow if we asked nicely.

I would suggest we select a group of people, say 10 or 15, to be directors. They would write up procedures and by-laws and a "mission statement" and decide on how to control the funds. Then they would offer a slate of officers and the paid membership would vote on the slate and by-laws or offer alternatives.

We had better have the organization incorporated under the "not-for-profit" laws of some state. If we get effective and aren't "inc'ed" the members can be individually harrassed and sued.

We should get this moving fast because we might want a forum to blast away from in the upcoming unpleasantries this fall.

And the money handlers probably should be bonded. You never know if someone is going to abscond with the loot. After all, $100 x 10,000 = a cool Megabuck. I don't mean this as an insult to persons yet unknown. I'm the treasurer of a tiny cemetery and have a bond that pays if I dig up all the folks and abscond with their gold teeth.

Not to worry. So far I can't afford a shovel.

So what exactly are we doing here?

Promoting THR or mounting a media campaign aimed at hunters to make them aware of Kerry & company's anti-gun views? Both?

I'm sure someone here knows the ins and outs of advertising, and can enlighten us on how to take out ads in magazines.

You know I remember there used to be an NRA infomercial on one of the networks - it was utterly inept, and it aired at 6 am on Sunday morning. We can do better than that, and probably with less money...
My big gripe thus far, is that this topic shows 444 views, but only 23 replies. Nobody else even bothered to say, "This idea sucks."
Oh, well.
But it IS encouraging to see that we do have a couple dozen folks willing to be active.
Please folks, take the time to post, even if you are against this idea.

Sorry for the negativity, folks.
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