Why do some reloaders like to spell bullets incorrectly

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Oct 16, 2009
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Why do some reloaders like to spell bullets incorrectly?

(I know there is somekind of old timer story about it but I can't recall it.)
That's a casting thing.
boolits are hand made projectiles (to differentiate when people incorrectly call loaded ammunition bullets)
(plagiarized from castboolits.com) "Boolits= as God laid it into the soil, grand old Galena, The Silver Stream graciously hand poured into molds for our consumption. . . Bullets= Machine made utilizing Full Length Gas Checks as to provide projectiles for the masses"

EDIT - Uniquedot beat me to it!
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I too thought "boolit" was a slang term and/or some reloaders were misspelling the word "bullet". After learning that it was an endearing term for lead bullets you cast yourself, now I like it. Among reloading/casting discussions, it helps clarify commercial vs hand-poured "projectiles".

Of course, many reloaders not familiar with this will misuse the term "boolit" for commercially produced "bullet" and cause confusion.
Well sonny, back in '42 during the second great disagreement with the Germans, we couldn't afford to spell bullets correctly, as we had given all our 'U's to the British to fight the German U boats.......
Not enough

hand slapping with a ruler in grade school; same problems with billets, barrels, marshal, sheriffs, ugh........... cartridges, dies, carrying, curcuit....

did I misspel anything? :D
You may call them "boolits" if you cast your own over a buffalo chip campfire.
Or regularly post on the above board of the name.

There is some usage of "bullet heads" which I think originated in England.

People will quickly correct you if you call a "magazine" a "clip" but they let a lot of other, possibly more important, terminology slide. My current pet peeve is the ".3085" 'bore of my .30-06 rifle."
".3085" 'bore of my .30-06 rifle."
I haven't seen that one.
Thanks, thats funny
It's my understanding it's to keep internet blocks such as those in hosiptals, libraries, coffee shopes, ect that offer wifi from picking up a gun/firearm forum.

It's not a bullet it's a boolet.

I know there have been times when THR is blocked, so is Rimfire Central, and others but I can go on CastBoolets.
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Of course, many reloaders not familiar with this will misuse the term "boolit" for commercially produced "bullet" and cause confusion.

That would be me I guess.:(
I generally use "boolit" when referring to any unjacketed projectile.

OTOH, most people refer to unjacketed as "cast lead" or just "cast." As in a Lead Semi Wadcutter.
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