winchester wild cats,

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Jan 31, 2008
Has anyone used both of these,I have a bunch of rimfires and I like to have Just one,that will shoot a good group,,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I see that they have 2,
one,s the Target/Varment,the other is just a wildcat.

I read that the Target/Varment has the adjustable triger,and the scope mount,

The Wildcat Target/Varmint rifle has a highly accurate, heavy .827" diameter bull barrel. The receiver is drilled and tapped, as well as grooved for mounting a scope. While many of today’s smallbore rifles are clunky little plinkers, the Target/Varmint has the look and feel of a sleek, full-size hunting rifle, complete with an adjustable trigger, and dual front steel swivel studs. The pinpoint accuracy of the Wildcat Target/Varmint will make a lasting impression from the very first shot. One 5-round and three 10-round magazines are included. (Scope and mounting system not included.)

Unleash the Winchester® Wildcat, the most accurate rimfire rifle to hit the range in recent memory. The Wildcat rifle’s checkered hardwood stock features the familiar look of the historic centerfire Model 70 Featherweight, complete with a checkered black synthetic Winchester buttplate and matching grip cap, Schnabel fore-end and steel sling swivel studs. Along with the smooth, highly polished bolt, the trigger is light and crisp. One 5-round and three 10-round magazines are included.

So im looking for One good shooting 22,,I only have 7 of them, And I want one that will shoot 1/2 at 50 yards,,
Great advertising. What they don't tell you is the wildcat's dovetail isn't 3/8" (unless they got mine wrong). I've tried 4 different mounts and all are too big. The bolt isn't smooth at all and the open sights suck. If I ever find a mount that fits and I slicken up the bolt it might make for a good rifle. From all accounts I've heard they are very accurate rifles.

My gut feeling tells me mine was one of the earlier ones (apparentely Browning forgot to tell the Russians that American's use a 3/8" dovetail. I'm sure someone caught hell for that. I cannot comment on the later rifles. Maybe they are 3/8", but that doesn't help me.
Wildcat Target/Varmint

thats drilled and taped for scope mounts,,and also have the grove for the other stlye of mounts,,
when did u pick your winchester up.?
I take it, it wasnt the Target/varment one
Sounds like the Wildcat has the regular European 11 mm grooves.
So far as I know, mine is the regular model. A set of off the shelf Wal-mart Leupold .22 mounts- the same mounts as on my dad's old Mossberg and on my good friend's Savage- fit the 2 Wildcats owned by both myself and my dad.
My standard model Wildcat is very accurate (under 3/4" at 50 yds with Winchester power points), and more nicely finished than a rifle in its price range would be expected to be. Inexpensive Simmons tip off mounts worked fine to scope mine.

I would do it, the TOZ 78 is an excellent rifle, and has been for a long time.
this sounds like an accurized version, with a tweeked trigger, bbl, and chamber.
? for WINCHESTER have you thought about having a mechanist open up the dove tail. if theirs enough metal. real simple if you have a bridge port. shouldnt cost much at all.
I put a Barska red dot sight on mine, and it fits perfectly on the forward section of rail.
11mm is larger than 3/8" and 3/8" is too big for mine.

11mm is measured at the top of the grooves. 3/8" is measured at the bottom. If you were to measure the 3/8" groove at the top, it would be close to 13mm due to the angle from the bottom.
The Wildcat (or should I say Toz 78-01) is a great rifle, fantastic accuracy for the price. Mine is by and far my favorite .22 I own, and by and far the most accurate.

In regards to the groove, it is 8mm

Some 3/8 rings will work as long as they are the type that pulls in from both sides, not just one side. That's all I have on mine and it works just fine

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