would you trade .22lr for a winchester 9422?

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I didn't read all the replies so perhaps someone posted this idea already.

You can't go by what you paid for it if you trade it away. Sooner or later you'll need to replace it and when you get to that point it's going to likely cost you up around $23 to $25 a brick even when the prices lower. Because they almost certainly won't lower back down to sub $20 figures any time soon. At least that's what my crystal ball tells me. :D

So if you trade it you can't look at what you paid originally but what you WILL pay to replace it if the need arises. And based on that I think I'd just find the other $300.
Sell 4 bricks for $50/brick, and then add a $100 bill to the mix, and take your gun home. You still have the .22 LR, and the gun. Who knows you might get lucky and sell them for $75/brick, and not have to drop anymore money. Then you save your 4 bricks, and have the gun to boot.

I suspect you don't know what the Winchester 9422's are going for. :D
In my area 22 MAGNUM ammunition has been available from one LGS for all of 2013. They do have a two box limit. Generally the price was $15 - $18 range for 50 rounds depending on brand. Based on ammo availability alone trading for the 9422 makes sense. Plus the fact the 22Magnum is a great round.

p.s. A two box per purchase/day isn't a handicap if stopping by the LGS is convenient such as going to/from work or shopping.
You mean you havent traded yet?! Go back and get it!!! Theyre not making any more 9422s (like the did in the "ole" days)
Oh no fears, its locked down on layaway and will be in my grubby little paws within a few weeks...I just didn't want to trade my .22lr ammo at $20/500 trade value when I doubt I will be able to replace it at or below that price anytime soon. Its a pawn shop, they wanted to triple up on the gun, and then double up on any trades....would have been great...for them. They were selling the last brick they had for $50....I would have had to trade about 8k rounds of .22lr, at their price, and they would have turned around and sold those rounds at...$800, plus the $100 cash I put down....

They would have been selling the 9422 they had marked at $450, for $900 total.

Yea, I turned around and walked out when they said "they just couldn't go any higher than $20 per brick trade value, they had to make a profit."
Nothing wrong with that, I just wasn't that desperate, and apparently, neither were they, lol

It turned my stomach knowing that somebody let a 9422 go for the $150-$200 the pawn shop would have paid. I know that place, they pay no more than 1/3 of what they intend to mark it at.
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I know what you mean. Somebody probably needed a necessity like heat, shelter, or food and exercised what was the best option for them at the time. Not everyone is willing or able to wait for a sale locally to maximize their investment when selling. At least it will be going home to someone who will treasure it like it needs to be.:)

FWIW lots of LGS are buying regular 30-30 WIN 94's for $125-$150 these days.:(
If he wants 5k 22lr and you have 7k then do the deal. People have gone wonky about .22lr for no supportable reason. Buy low sell high, I would do that deal in a New York minute.
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