Wyoming museum displays Colt's legendary firearms

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Dec 24, 2002
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May 18, 2003 Sunday


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HEADLINE: Wyoming museum displays Colt's legendary firearms

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CODY, Wyo. -- The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is featuring an exhibit of the one of world's most famous firearms, and the life and times of its creator, Samuel Colt.

The exhibition, "Colt: The Legacy of a Legend," opened May 9 and continues through Oct. 6.

The display includes 800 firearms representing the most historically significant exhibition of Colt firearms during the past 100 years, according to Interim Curator Warren Newman of the center's Cody Firearms Museum.

"With a proud Colt as his trademark, Sam Colt made his name and his guns international legends," Newman said. "They still are -- more than 140 years after his death."

About 100 lenders, including members of the Colt Collectors Association and several museums have contributed to the display, which ranges from early revolvers to machine guns of the World Wars and the M-16.

Among various themes, the exhibition will tell the story of Samuel Colt, whose short life was "filled with intensity and inventive ingenuity," Newman said, as he developed revolutionary ideas for a functional and reliable revolving cylinder handgun.

"He gave substance to his ideas by carving the parts for such a gun from pieces of wood," he said. "Those priceless carvings will provide one of the many highlights of the exhibition."

Colt, who died at 48, pioneered principles of interchangeable parts and mass production that would become hallmarks of the American Industrial Revolution, Newman said. He also ushered in a new era in merchandising with innovative advertising and marketing.

The exhibition will look behind the scenes of the Colt factories and examine what set them apart from tedious and mundane 19th- and 20th-century factories.
Hey, thanks! Your thread got me wondering about an old rifle I once owned, and I wasn't sure if this museum was the same as or was different from the "Museum of the Mountain Man"--which turned out to be in Pinedale.

http://www.pinedaleonline.com/MMMuseum/jbrifle.htm :)

'Scuse me for elbowin' in on your thread, but my bump of curiosity got the better of me.

I once had a .36 Navy, which handled just really well. Same for the 1873 single action. I've sometimes wondered if the word "ergonomics" was in anybody's lexicon, back in those days.

My itchy foot sez I oughta wander north, sometime this summer.

:), Art
The Colt exhibition is just all the more reason to visit. But even without it, the "regular" firearm collection at the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody is outstanding (and the rest of the museum is pretty good, too). I was there last year, and could have easily spent several more hours, but my then-10-year old son had other ideas. Hey, if you have kids, or even if you don't, if you're in Cody drive up the mountain on the edge of town on the road to Yellowstone. I can't remember the name, but it may have had a bird name and you could see all the switchbacks from the road. It was pretty fun for "flatlanders" like us.
Let's see, in July the Milwaukee Museum of Art will have a gun show and let's see how I can schedule this trip to include both places.
I was just there Saturday and Sunday!

$15 for two day admission, I was in heaven.

Over 2500 guns on display, not counting the Colt display which is in a seperate area. Tom Selleck was doing the voice / video guide at each exhibit.

My favorite items were the original wood carvings of the cylinder, pin, and hammer, Colt did when he came with the idea.

The also had a 1911, and a revolver shown at various steps in the production process, from raw forging on up.

Of course the have several jeweled and fancy pieces, as well as TV/Movie guns.

The Colt display is there into October, and I intend to go back before it ends if possible. (1800 mile drive round trip : )

Dang I'm getting all excited again.

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