Your 'Rodney Dangerfield' guns.


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Jan 17, 2003
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What are your 'Rodney Dangerfield' guns, the ones that get no respect. We likely all have a few but we all likely also love them even if they get nothing but ridicule.

Often it seems like most of the things I like fall into that category. One such example is my Walther 'First Edition' #143 of 2000 PK380. True, the only thing unique about #143 of 2000 is the most likely silk screen "First Edition" billboard on the slide and true, everyone mocks the keyhole safety and the tool needed for takedown and the recoil spring guide rod that is a nightmare on reassembly and the paddle mag release and the little pointy ends on each side of the grip and being 8mm Kurz rather than a REAL 9mm and only 8 + 1 rounds and the list goes on.

But I like it. True, I did order a captive spring recoil/guide rod from Galloway but I never had the hard time reassembling the pistol that lots of folk complained about online. And true, I did round off those sharp pointy things one the grip. But it is relatively small, light, easy to rack, maybe the easiest magazines to thumb load I've encountered and pretty accurate. And remember, this was back in 2009 and at that time there just weren't many enjoyable 380 to shoot or rack that had magazines that were easy to load.

Granted the safety did work backwards and since there was no external slide lock you have to take the magazine out to release the slide from lock back and true, there is no decocker so you need to put the gun on safe and pull the trigger often with a live round in the chamber to lower the hammer. But at least there was a safety that did block the hammer from hitting the firing pin; if that is, you switched it to safe mode. But that was also true on my 80 series Berettas and all the earlier Berettas.


So what are your 'Rodney Dangerfield' guns?
What are your 'Rodney Dangerfield' guns, the ones that get no respect.
Beretta PX4 Storm. I got two of them (one in 9mm, the other in .40S&W), but despite being a thoroughly modern polymer framed, combat proven duty pistol, they get very little respect, at least in the US market. Much of that lack of respect probably has to do with its polarizing "space gun" looks. 72814.jpg
I have one. And it's a gun I built back as a very young guy over 50 years ago. I wanted a target .22 rimfire rifle, but had no money for one. So I tuned up a buddy's car and he paid me by giving me his old Stevens bolt action .22 I reworked the stock by adding wood here and there, and using some autobody filler to blend it in. Then painted the stock black. Didn't have the skills or money to put a heavy bull barrel on it, so I used some schedule 40 3/4" plumbing pipe that measured 1.125" OD as a sleeve over the barrel. I used wood spacers to center the sleeve over the barrel, and poured Acraglass epoxy around the gap at the crown. Let it set up overnight, and removed the wood wedges the next day, and topped the epoxy off. I blued the barrel, did some stoning, and spring work on the trigger, and assembled it. Mounted an old 3x-9x Weaver scope on it, and it was done.
I still have it, but it's kinda homely compared to real factory target rifles. But it actually shoots very well. Not like my Badger barreled Ballard target rifle, but then it's nowhere near as much gun.

Any of my “poverty pony” lower AR’s. They shoot as well as my brand-name guns in my hands.

My Mauser 96 American straight pull .270. Mine shoots very well, but these guns gained no traction when introduced and were discontinued fairly quickly.

Stay safe.
General Geoff:

The Beretta PX4 Compact I tried had the best ergos and DA trigger of any handgun I’ve ever sampled. The ex-police DAO Sig P229 has a "glass", light "DA" trigger, but otherwise still has the so-so classic Sig ergos.

Maybe most commercial reviewers plus the popular, “semi-independent";) reviewers are given better incentives to promote manufacturers which aren't Beretta. Nothing would surprise me.
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The Beretta PX4 Compact I tried had the best ergos and DA trigger of any handgun I’ve ever sampled.
Yeah, the DA pull is really good for an out of the box duty pistol with no competition aspirations. Having fired five different examples with bone-stock internals, none of them had a poor trigger. Single action pull isn't 1911-crisp but it's better than many common striker fired guns I've fired.
First edition Marlin 444. Straight grip Monte Carlo stock, half magazine, 24" barrel. Was the nuts when little brother got it shortly after introduction. I inherited it in 2009. Old ugly.
It's a toss up with me: Savage 340 in 222 Remington, or Winchester Model 24 16 gauge. The Savage is ugly, and clunky, and has a horribly long, creaky trigger pull for a "varmint rifle". But it shoots nice little bug hole groups and has accounted for a lot of varmints on my little hill farm. Lots of people put them down, but I'd put it against any other rifle I own for accuracy; the blocky stock and sidemount scope sorta grow on ya after a while too! The Winchester is also ugly and clunky looking, and no one likes them because of that and the fact it's a 16 gauge. But in reality, it points as well as my hand-made BRNO and shoots as well too. The tight full choke will reach to the top of any tree I've ever tried to shoot a squirrel out of, and the modified is good enough to get a rabbit on the run. Not pretty, but functional.

SW9VE or SD9VE. I picked up a few of these for boat/car guns. I might get rid of my Glocks as these seem to be an acceptable substitute. Going from the Honda Civic of guns to the Kia of guns.
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