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yugo mauser m24/47

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gun_lover_87, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. gun_lover_87

    gun_lover_87 Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    Riverside, California
    hello guy i am new here and have some question about a recently purchased yugo mauser m24/47. even though i dont actaully have the gun, (i have to wait till next friday to pick it up) i need some general information about the weapon.

    1. the gun had huge ammounts of grease all over the bolt, chamber and maybe the barrel as well, i am assuming this is to prevent it from rusting? how would i clean this when i actually get it

    2. what 8mm mauser round will it safely fire, i mean there are some rounds with j and s degisnation and the pressure in the chamber may be to high for a gun of this age to handle.

    3. is the 8mm mauser round widely aviable, from say a american cartridge company like remington or winchester? does anyone know the cost per round.

    4. i heard that the mauser rounds are corrosive? do i need to clean the gun every time i shoot it. will simple hoppers powder solvent 9 and hoppers 9 lubricating oil do?

    any answers would greatly be apperciated :)
  2. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Los Anchorage

    1. It will likely have cosmoline on it. There are MANY threads about how to remove it with lots of good ideas. Basically you will need to remove the metal from the wood and clean it separately. Getting it off the metal is the easy part. The wood is trickier. Do a basic cleaning and see how much has penetrated into the grain.

    2. 8x57JS. Assuming the headspace is good it will handle the full range of loads without a problem. It's a '98 and is just as tough as any modern production rifle, if not tougher.

    3. US production 8x57 is seriously underloaded. The European production from Norma, S&B and Privi is what you want to get. There is also a fairly good suppy of 8x57JS surplus ball which will be full power. The Turk is maybe a bit more than full power, but still fun to shoot.

    4. Assume all ball surplus is corrosive. Modern production factory ammo is not. To clean you can use any number of options, again check your search function for the many threads on this. I use M-Pro cleaner right after shooting corrosively primed ammo.
  3. yodar

    yodar Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    8mm Mauser

    The Yugo 24/47 is an earlier design than the K 98K whioch has a cup butplate
    Originating from VZ 24 designs and parts .

    It's earler than the M-48 and might have the original bolt and receiver design rather than the 1/4" shorter bolt attributed to the M-48.

    I cleaned mine in a 5 gallon bucket with paintbrush and 2 qt Coleman Fuel (Naphtha). The now that I could handle it, tore it down to wood and stock using these "destructions"


    After all had dried I degreased the stock with Greased Lightning, let'ter dry then the next day mixed BLO and turps 1:1 and applied it. It dries real quick and I reapply as frequently as I can till I start seeing a sheen build up.

    Then I take a patch of strait BLO and rub it in, not a lot of oil, just a lot of frictionanal heat

    for 5 bux you can get a CD with the destructions to all teh C & R Milsuros you ever would need

    Fortunately 8mm ammo is VERY cheap right now , 900 rounds for about 50 bux at Century (they have a 75.00 min.) It's corrosive, so take a spray bottle of detergent-ammonia-water to spray doen the bbl as soon as you stop shooting...a little funnel with articulated end is available from IMA (a surplus militaria outfitter in SGN) with very handy..Do it from the chamber. That's what the Brits used with their enfields

    This isnt it, but is resembles it in case you decide to make one


    When you use the cleaning rod, remember use a bore protector from the muzzel end or clean from the rear with the bolt removed.

    I got my M49 from them for $80

    I probably will never shoot it a lot as I have a VZ 24 rebarelled for 7.62 x 39 which I reload

    You've made a good choice for a first Mauser

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